Jonathan's Photoblog - Jonathan Gerwitz, Photographer

by the Left Coast Rebel

Feeling a bit fatigued with politics this evening, I thought that I would direct readers to a neat photographer that I came across and bookmarked recently - Jonathan's Photoblog. Jonathan Gerwitz is the photographer's name and he resides in Florida. I emailed him and he gave me permission to post some of his art, provided that I link back and direct you to his portfolio. Now I say 'portfolio' in a loose sense - essentially is a mountain of landscapes, seascapes, people, wildlife, nightlife - even alligators and manatees. Nearly a lifetime of photo-artistry, all the way back to 2004. The thing that I like the best about his work is the wild variety.

Neat stuff, take a peek and peruse, you could spend a lot of time here.

Here's an example from October, 2004, I assume that this is a movie set or something. "Suspense":

The bizarre diversity that is Florida is on display in Jonathan's work. As one knows, Florida is an eclectic mix of Cuba, Scuba, Caribbean and otherwise....

"Famous Volks", note the Caribbean colors:

Take several looks at this, "Alligator and Tourists, Anhinga Trail, Everglades National Park "

Be sure to check out the entire collection. Start here at the 'favorites' and go from there....


  1. The "Famous Volks" looks similar to my first volkswagen! Only mine did run (most of the time). I enjoyed my little Buggaboo when I was 18 and fresh outta High School. Gosh, that seems like a million years ago now. Great photos! :)

  2. Better watch them gators close.. or not too close. They can jump fast and higher than most know! I lived in Florida for.... cant remember ...

  3. the alligator image, creeps me out!

    what a great, photoblog, find.
    thanks for sharing!


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