John McCain Thinks Obama May Repeal Obamacare?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Ludicrous on many fronts. The Obamanation has not shown even a smidgeon of ear for the public mood on Obamacare, how in the world does John McCain think that Obama would repeal it, or at least portions of it? McCain is out of his mind:

Political pressure might become so intense that President Obama would agree to repeal major portions of the healthcare bill he signed into law recently, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said today.

Even if Republicans win Congress in 2010, Obama could veto any legislation repealing healthcare reform. But McCain suggested the public might feel so strongly that Obama would cave.

"If the intensity level is as high as it is, I can draw you a scenario where the president would be forced to repeal or really replace it with the provisions [Republicans] wanted," McCain said in an interview with KFYI 550.
He's just simply 100% wrong here. Half the nation could be protesting and nearly rioting and the Obamanation wouldn't listen. What do you think? Discussion at Memeorandum.


  1. I saw a clip from a townhall with McCain and he was thanking people for listening to him on the healthcare issue and saying he was grateful that he still had the clout to sway people. So neither side thinks we're capable of making up our own minds.

    They posted the bill so we could read it but don't actually expect us to read it. They're all ticking me off.

  2. The Republicans can overcome a veto with a 2/3rds majority. That assumes we are allowed to have another federal election to replace the Democrats ruining the show. Who knows, the arrogance the fascist left has shown mean we may be screwed already.

  3. This is insanity. McCain needs to retire.

  4. Excuse me.

    Just how would that work? "Obama repeal" a law.

    Are we understanding that we are in fact under a dictatorship?

  5. McShame not only shows that he's a RINO, but he's deaf, blind, stupid and parayalized as well. How can a man that's been in the Senate as long as he has, seen all that the dems stand up for, seen first hand how damaging and dysfunctional their policies are and still thinks a radical muslim sympathizing narcassitic Marxist like BO is going to repeal the law that he's gambling his entire legacy on? Perhaps we should have what he's smoking because it's got to be some of the best stuff ever created by man to believe that nonsense.

  6. McCain is a NUT!! Please Arizonians REPLACE JOHN McCAIN with a true Conservative or Libertarian!! Comrade Zero is gloating over this shallow victory as he serves his master, the god of the air. He'll never repeal this. Never. He'll take it to hell with him where it came from.


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