John Dennis for Congress: Celebrate Nancy Pelosi's Birthday on March 25

by the Left Coast Rebel

Ah yes, here is something that make me feel a little better today, the March 25 Birthday Bomb for Nasty Pelosi to celebrate her 70th birthday and the candidate that will take her seat - San Francisco Republican Liberty Caucus founder, John Dennis. Go to John Donate to John Dennis for Congress. John Dennis' site is crawling at a snail's pace today so be patient. I assume that he is getting record traffic via. last nigh's tyranny. Get this from John Dennis' Defeat Pelosi site:

You may not be aware, but on March 25th we will celebrate the 70th birthday of our beloved and benevolent Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Yes, I know it's hard to believe that a humble defender of the people like Pelosi could even get to half that age, given how supposedly immoral our healthcare system is, and how many people supposedly die young because of it, but I guess Speaker Pelosi just has extraordinary good luck. So in the spirit of celebration, we would love if you sent us $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can on that day to let dear old Nancy know how much you wish her another many years living as a private citizen in what is, despite her influence, the freest nation in the world. As for what we'll get her with it, we were considering throwing her a birthday shower, but we decided against it on the off-chance that Rahm Emanuel might get the wrong idea, so we thought we'd just enclose a really nice birthday card to let her know exactly how you feel.

We'll tell her how happy you are that her party, rather than following the overwhelming repudiation of Bush-era spending and big government, tacked on multiple extra trillions to our debt in order to bail out their corporate sponsors. We'll let her know how much you love being forced to subsidize scandalous subsidies which are offered to anyone who has the courage and convictions to stand against her in the battle over health care. We'll let her know what a pleasure it is to have her try to use national television as a platform to co-opt movements which only arose because she and her party misread their mandate as a desire to see Barack Obama treat the road to serfdom as a race track on which he needs to speed past the big government excesses of all previous Presidents. Your money will buy the greatest gift America could have: retirement for Nancy Pelosi. Please be sure to donate and join in the fun on March 25th. Watch as our ticker goes up, up and up as does the prospects of U.S. Congress without Nancy Pelosi.

Don't wait! Go to now and help us send Speaker Pelosi a birthday gift which she will never forget, and from which she will never recover.

This is John Dennis on Napolitano's show in December of 2009. I can feel the momentum behind his candidacy with yesterday's Pelosi-Bolshevik vote. If Massachusetts can replace Teddy Kennedy with a GOPer, San Fran-Nan can be replaced with a consistent Libertarian Republican:


  1. It's exciting just thinking about it. I'd love to make Nancy go the way of Tom Daschle.

  2. I'd love to make Nancy go the way of the Hindenburgh

  3. Move over Bill Ayers! The birthday bombers are coming!


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