India's Lunar Spacecraft Finds Ice on the Moon

by the Left Coast Rebel

A fascinating story out of BBC today pointing to the Indian Chandrayaan-1 lunar spacecraft's discovery of thick deposits of water-ice on the Moon's north pole. Now mind you, before you start to think the JFK legacy of moon-exploration has completely gone up in smoke (Obama?) and the Indians have taken the helm, I must tell you that the Chandrayaan-1 lunar mission was part of NASA's Mini-Sar experiment. So essentially India helped out with the use of their spacecraft that carried our technology. The moon-ice finding were discussed at a major planetary science conference in Texas.

This stuff is really what my childhood dreams were made of. I just loved to study and ponder our solar system, the solar systems beyond and the unfathomable infinity-immensity of it all. Was there life on the Moon? Perhaps the discovery of ice may lead in that direction.

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