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(Editor's Note) Our thoughts and prayer go out to Howard Towt, the author of this piece. Please follow the link at the bottom to read the rest and esxpress your wishes to him. On the eve of what may be a tranformation of the state in America, many questions are left unasked. On this note, a personal note, be sure to read the rest.

by Howard Towt, Anti Republican Culture

A recent Op-Ed in the New York Times (March 9, 2010) caught my attention. It was written by Richard J. Ablin, Ph.D.

In 1970, Dr. Ablin discovered prostate-specific antigen, an enzyme produced by the prostate. The PSA test is now the tool most commonly used to detect prostate cancer in men.

Dr. Ablin uses his Op-Ed to tell us that his efforts have not worked out for the best. He now sees that he has created a medical “disaster.”

In the second paragraph he laments that the popularity of the PSA test has led to “a hugely expensive public health disaster.” In the final paragraph he says he never dreamed that his “discovery four decades ago would lead to such a profit-driven public health disaster.”

Dr. Ablin has come to the realization that prostate cancer is an over-treated disease. He feels that too many men waste the time of doctors in getting screened, and too many men waste money on treatment. He implores the medical community to stop the “inappropriate use of P.S.A. screening.”

Why did all of this catch my attention?

I'm afraid it’s personal. A month ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A diagnosis like that will focus your attention. It has also made me aware that I have a stake in our current healthcare debate.

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  1. I wonder the Doctor would say such a thing?! Obviously he has helped save countless lives ... or do I misunderstand? Saving lives is never the wrong thing to do. I wonder who's truly behind that statement.

    Well, as always, you have our prayers LCR. I pray that you will be healed quickly. Please keep us posted, 'k? We love you dear brother in Jesus' name but HE loves you best. God bless. :)

  2. LCR, I'd like to offer my prayers to you and your family in light of hearing this. I don't know whether you can treat and beat prostate cancer, but I certainly hope you do.

    God Bless

    Constitutional Crusader.

  3. Thanks for posting this Reb.

    We sometimes forget that there is the human side to all this.


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