Health Care Repeal is Repeal, Means Repeal, Equals Repeal - Then Reform, Simple as That - Got that, RINOs?

by the Left Coast Rebel

If there is anything that the GOP should not waver, budge or acquiesce a smidgen on it is the absolute, 100%, complete repeal of the entire health care takeover/socialization of 1/6 of the economy. The country demands nothing less. I don't even want to hear the Cornyns of the world or the Enzis of the world claiming that 'some things are ok' in Obamacare. And sorry too, Rudy Guliani - we will still be angry and calling for repeal in 2 months. Shame on any of you in the GOP power structure that is already squishy on repeal. Shame on you.

Keep this up, Cornyn, Enzi and Guliani - make sure that other GOP power elites follow suit as well and you will usher in a third party faster than I can brew a hot kettle of (Tea Party) tea.

It's simple and if you don't stand for this, you stand for nothing. Are men the property of the state? Or are they free souls under God? We do not accept the premise of socialism and tyranny in any form. Tom McClintock:

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  1. Everything in there, and I mean every single thing only increases the costs or moves to put insurance companies out of business. There is not a single thing that could stay in it's current form and not have a bigger negative than positive impact.

    Reading through the bill it is clear that the actual intent was to bankrupt the insurance companies and leave no option but a single payor system.

  2. I certainly believe it is going to be a challenge to us conservatives to keep the "fire going" to repeal this health bill. We're going to have to hold on for a long time to repeal this sucker, and people's determination will start to waver the longer this takes (see the War on Terror). Needless to say, I hope that in the meantime the Republicans will throw every obstacle at this health bill as possible to slow this thing down.

  3. It won't be the Federal Government that repeals this Mess. It's going to be the States dragging this "progressive wet dream" into the U.S. Supreme Court...and driving a steak into it. What happens then? Nancy Pelosi is going to do what to Supreme Court Justices? When the Individual Mandate gets struck down, the house of cards fall. The Republicans better have an alternative because people are still looking for an answer to high premiums per Health Insurance. The health insurance situation in the U.S. requires tweaking not overhauling.

  4. Sad to say but one can almost count on the Supreme Court to let this stand.

    For example, Republicans are saying that the mandate to buy healthcare is unprecedented. This is not true. Social Security forcibly takes a large chunk of ones income and stuffs it in a Socialist Ponzi scheme. If that's OK, anything goes.

    The only real hope is Nullification at the state level. A few strong governors must simply say this law is not legal and will not be obeyed.

  5. Here Here...Now that is something I can drink to.

    Repeal means Repeal. I would like to get the repeal train started and roll some stuff back to 1900.

  6. Thanks, Reb. You (and Tom) nailed it.

  7. These are comments I made back in June that I think apply. I'm afraid that even Rebel is not taking this seriously enough. We can't wait for repeal, a process that could take 5 years or more.

    "I made two comments that prescribe what I think might be the quickest and most effective way to stop this train and get people to think. You need to read the post and comments for context.

    Comment One

    "One of the best posts on here ever. I think one of the biggest factors at work here is what Hitler called the big lie. Admiting just how bad, Obama is means confronting our own guilt for having elected him and going deeper into just how the government got this out of control means looking at almost a century of guilt.

    We as American's as whole- not all, have betrayed our founders and the basic ideals and foundations our country was founded on in exchange for a few favored programs or vague promises.

    People need to stop and admit they live a nearly bankrupt and nearly Fascist country and then decide what role they have played in it and what they are going to do about it.

    As, I mentioned before-- I think the Tenth Amendment route might be the fastest clearest way to stop this train. There are states and places in the country where enough broad support for individual rights and the Constitution exists. We need to work from there, to both educate and broaden this base and use it to confront the Monstrous powers in Washington.

    After all, the Constitution and the founding documents of the country are on our side. If enough people scream that they really matter, and that the law matters and rights and truth matter, something might be done."

    Comment Two

    Well, I'm going to have to admit to living in "blue states" all my life in either NY or PA.

    But my perception from my reading, interactions and occasional travels is that there really are very large chunks of the country that could almost be called "occupied territory" at this point. I mean when was the last time Wyoming, Utah or Alaska voted blue. I think we need to start from there and work to educate the people about just how deeply damaging the federal occupation of their states has been. Instead of working from positions of weakness, we can start from strength where there is already a lot of political and media support and build on that.

    The starting point should be for the "occupied states" to one by one re-affirm their commitment to the original Constitution and it's tenth amendment- which in reality is an implied threat to take the clear course out of the union that the Constitution allows.

    Hopefully, a chain of firm resolutions by a large number of states that seem very serious will in itself put a radical brake on things. Remember that just by taking these actions, one is calling attention to all the Constitutional and legal violations, which may help more people in other states to wake up and think deeply about what's going on. This will be hard for the media to ignore.

    Remember---the Constitution and all the legal traditions of our country are on our side. Every founding document shows a clear intent to protect individuals from out of control federal power and to protect minorities from a possible tyranical majority.

    We can't do this blindly so each resolution needs to state clearly the exact Federal moves that would trigger further action. For example, I think every state should declare federal limitations on free speech and the press to be an instant trigger for further action. Moves against the Second Amendment are in close to the same territory."


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