"Green Zone's" Matt Damon Dissapointed, Mad at Obama, No More Borne-Damon Movies?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Oh, Hollywood. Whenever I think of Matt Damon, I think of Team America, portrayal of Matt Damon, the near mental-midget portrayed in the flick is beyond hilarious, especially when he promotes a jihadist U.N. plot only to be killed by the 'Team' an unfashionably gross scene. Full disclosure - I don't endorse Team America to my readership, some scenes in the flick are the sickest in movie history.

I digress. Matt Damon has a new movie out called "Green Zone" which chronologues the adventures of several troops bent on exposing the flawed George W. Bush 'weapons of mass destruction' situation. Matt Damon portrays a soldier in "Green Zone" that is bent on bringing down GWB. It is directed by the Borne series director as well.

Which is funny, in a Hollywood-elitist sorta-way because Matt Damon campaigned extra hard for Obama and is (surprisingly) dissapointed:

"Politics is compromise," says the actor, who campaigned hard for Barack Obama. But Damon feels his candidate has compromised too much. "I'm disappointed in the health care plan and in the troop buildup in Afghanistan. Everyone feels a little let down because, on some level, people expected all their problems to go away. But real change comes from everyday people. You can't wait for a (Dear) leader."
Of course I added the 'Dear' to leader but you get the point. Oh, Hollywood. Since I am a movie fan and even more of an action movie fan, I love the Borne series with Matt Damon. I love them so much that I can suspend the fact that Matt Damon is actually the star of the series. Perhaps, though, I will love (any) upcoming sequels even more because Matt Damon will not star in them.

"I think the way is to extend the franchise is to create a 'Bourne identity' that different actors can take on," said Damon."I could pass the identity to Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington or Ryan Gosling."

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