Democrats to Greet Tea Partiers Tomorrow With Open Arms?

by the Left Coast Rebel

This will be the last post for the day, I'll leave you on an activist note and a note of humor for just how stupid Democrats are (at least in the power structure and statists). They think you are feeble and mentally deformed - Tea Party activists. They think you are so stupid that you have every single facet wrong about Obamacare. You just don't know what is good for you. You just don't know how smart they are, for you. You just don't know.

Why do I (easily) assume that Democrats rolling out the red carpet for Tea Party activists tomorrow is going to go over like a fart in church? Common sense:

(The Hill)- Tea Partiers are storming the Capitol tomorrow, and Democrats are preapring to roll out the red carpet.

In a memo sent to freshman and sophomore lawmakers, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), a member of the House leadership, urges lawmakers to make special accomodations to prepare for the protesters, ranging from refreshments to extra staff members.

Among the suggestions:

Consider having some light snacks, H2O, and coffee available;

Have multiple guest books/comment sheets available for all visitors to sign-in and leave comments

Have a Capitol Directory and map available to direct visitors to their Member of Congress and written instructions on how to get over to the Senate side of the Hill.

But lawmakers and their staff should also understand that the tea partiers are reacting merely to a "caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets" and aren't intimately familiar with the legislation, the memo says.

Jim Hoft at Gateway got his hands on a memo (you have to see it). Tens of THOUSANDS are to march in DC tomorrow. You are not alone! I have a simple suggestion and a graphic from Grandpa John's to accomdate this arrogance. Bring your pitchforks and your torches. Or perhaps bring a two-in-one:



  1. This is one of the more galling aspects of this whole "debate" over health care "reform". The huge thing that is missing in the Democrat party is respect for the legitimacy of opposing views. The whole health care summit made this brilliantly clear: "You Republicans actually agree with us, so why can't you knuckleheads just vote for the bill?" They think the same of the Tea Party movement, only it's not confusion but ignorance, stupidity, lack of a PhD, or . (But Nancy Pelosi said you have to vote for the bill before you can see what's in it so what Democrats knows what's in the bill?!?)

    Surely there are a fair number of voters who are lazy, ignorant, and/or selfish, but whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt? You don't have to have gone to Harvard to attain wisdom, understand the more spent than taken in is foolishness, and that this bill will change American politics and be nearly irreversible.

    But the Democrats just want their way whether you like it or not. How dare they?

  2. @ NP - I couldn't agree more. Glad to have you as a reader.

  3. TEA AND crumpets now? Wow, they will spare no expense!

  4. "Consider having some light snacks, H2O, and coffee available"

    A: Can't they just say water. Look how smart we are, we know the atomic make up of the water molecule.

    B: What no tea?

  5. Tens of thousands of TEA Partiers....

    The Demos must be a little envious. They had to bus in thousands of of hired goons to demonstrate in favor of federal control of health care. And here the citizens are actually willing to do this at their own expense!

    Golly! That must be great.

  6. Tim - A great post! Thanks for cross posting at RN USA.

    NP - Great points and well stated.


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