Coffee Party Day, March 13: Why Does the Facebook Goat Have More Fans than Coffee Party USA?

by the Left Coast Rebel

As readers of the Left Coast Rebel may know, today is the official Coffee Party nationwide, coffeebaggin' coming-out party. Or something like that. Once again the national press is trying to hype it up and point out the 'sensible' grassroots efforts. You know, a nice cup of coffee, rational discussion with no vitriol and hatred like those damned teabaggers engage in. NPR outdid themselves with a glowing piece coinciding with Coffee Party launch day and once again the (like the other press outlets) are highlighting Annabell Park, the known Obama Astroturfer. I find this opening line ludicrous via NPR:

Several weeks ago, documentary filmmaker Annabel Park was sitting in her apartment in Silver Spring, Md, when she updated her Facebook page with a good, old-fashioned rant. "Let's start a coffee party — a Red Bull party — anything but tea," she wrote. "Let's get together and drink cappuccino and have real political dialogue with substance and compassion."
Like I said, ludicrous. For the real skinny, go here for Annabel Park's connection to Asians for Obama and here on why NPR's meme is simply not true at best and media theme-fitting leftist nonsense at worst. Obama astroturf! To think that NPR wants us to think that Annabel Park was simply just sitting at her desk and the random thought of a 'coffee party' came to her mind and.....voila a national phenom was born is the height of lunacy. But it is simply the shoe that must fit for the liberal media.

Obama Astoturfing shoes that must fit is the theme for liberal press coverage of the Coffee Party. How about this little tidbit as well? Why does Annabel Park, the supposed founder of the Coffee Party (Obama Astroturfer) insist on mentioning the 'viral' Coffee Party USA facebook page and it's amazing 100,000 member role? The press likes to parrot that fact as well. NPR today:
In just a few weeks, fans of the Coffee Party on Facebook mushroomed from a few hundred to more than 100,000 — making Park the accidental leader of an political movement.

NPR Coffee Party

Hah! Note that NPR arranges this Obama Astroturfing propaganda-nugget in a grammatically incorrect way. An political movement? Regardless - that's just a little side note. What is important is that these Obama Astroturfers (like Annabel Park) are claiming that this magic 100,000 facebook friend number grants legitimacy to their cause. How is the 100,000 fan point some sort of magical legitimacy benchmark? Because NPR, CNN, the NYTs, CBS, NBC... and Annabel Park say so!

If it is so then what does the Coffee Party USA have to say for the Facebook Goat fan page, the same goat that is someone's pet and is in search of more fans than Obama on Facebook?

obama goat

Can anyone here tell me how the Facebook Goat that was started at essentially the same time as the Coffee Party USA Facebook page has 3 times the 'fans'? A goat in someone's backyard! Hah! Obama Astroturfing coffeebaggers and the able and willing press will likely ignore this factoid....


  1. If I recall, coffeebaggin' is the sexual act involving fece's, Obama's Groom of the Stool, and a Starbucks cup, at least that's what I hear the major discussin is at these meetings.

  2. Not sure what the groom of the stool does, check over here:

  3. They sure don't like my youtube video

  4. How did I miss this gem of a post! If you thought the goat having more fans than the Coffee Party was something, think about this Sarah Palin has more than 10x more fans. That's right, more people like the evil Sarah Palin more than the Coffee Party! LOL


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