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by the Left Coast Rebel

Today's Code Red Rally should be a die in of thousands of citizens. Why not even a million or two? Would they ignore us and a vast majority of the country then? Perhaps we should camp out in D.C. with pitchforks and torches until they let it go and let our country go. Perhaps we should camp out for days until they bring out the riot police and water cannons to push us away. Then the nation would see the tyranny that Sunday's Obamacare vote represents, not that they don't already.

Code Red Rally to Kill the Bill: Right Klik will be live blogging it through his Twitter account. The Twitter hashtag to follow the event is #killthebill.

Code Red Rally to Kill the Bill: The Other McCain has this:

Americans will gather in Washington, D.C., today to speak out in opposition to the $2.5 trillion government takeover of health care.

WHEN: Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 12:00 Noon ET
WHERE: West Lawn of the Capitol

SPEAKERS: Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Rep. Tom Price, Rep. Joe Wilson, actor John Voight, Dr. Milton Wolf, Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring, Tim Phillips and Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity, Jim Martin of 60 Plus, Andrew Larger of Institute for Liberty, Kathryn Serkes of the Doctor Patient Medical Association, Mark Skoda of the Memphis Tea Party, Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express, Jennifer Hulsey of American Grassroots Coalition, and Ben Cunningham of the Tennessee Tax Revolt.

Co-blogger Smitty will cover today’s event and we’ll have news updates throughout the day about the fight to save America’s health-care system.

As of 8:30 PST The Other McCain has already updated his post several times.Be sure to check into T.O.M throughout the day as I believe Smitty will be present at the event. Check into the Left Coast Rebel at this post for Updates on the Code Red Rally as well.Via Memeorandum.

Code Red Rally UPDATED: (via Gateway Pundit) I did not know this but the Obamanation has a cousin (no, that's not the news) who is a physician and a huge opponent of the tyranny of Obamacare. He is a listed speaker coming up at today's Code Red Rally in D.C., his name is Milton R. Wolf M.D. and he describes himself (at his blog) as a proud defender of liberty. I am going to see if I can contact Dr. Wolf when the dust settles with Obamacare.

Code Red Rally UPDATED x2: Stupak caves or does he? A press conference to explain to the world just what is going on at 11AM ET has just been postponed until a later date. Don't take anything for granted in this highly volatile situation.

Code Red Rally UPDATED x3: Pat in Shreveport is another great site to check into today. She put up the link to the Code Red Rally live streaming video as well as numbers of representatives to contact right now:

The"Stupak swingers" who might need phone calls right about now are: Kaptur of Ohio, Berry of Arkansas, Cueller of Texas, and Rahall of West Virginia. If you live in their district, call them!

Berry (202) 225-4076

Cueller 202-225-1640

Kaptur(202) 225-4146

Rahall (202) 225-3452

The Hill's latest Whip Count is here. Numbers of those we need to keep calling can be found here.
Code Red Rally UPDATED x4: Ed Morrissey at HotAir has an excellent scrolling updated list for this Saturday. He just commented that Bart Stupak left the meeting that many feared represented a cave in. No dice for Nasty Pelosi from Stupak. The pro-infanticide child murder-caucus is incensed that Stupak was courted. Ace of Spades has an excellent Whip Count that is updated as well. Ace has this thing at 202 Yes to 214 No at 12 ET.

Code Red Rally UPDATED x5: I'm watching the live streaming video of the Code Red Rally. Mike Pence has the stage, saying that 'this is not the President's house, this is America's house'. He sounds great (albeit the audio is poor). From what I can see it is a huge crowd. A lot of cheering and excitement. Now (9:13 PST) they are chanting, Kill the Bill! Congressman Price has now taken the stage. He just yelled, 'regardless of what happens today, we will take this nation back!

Code Red Rally
UPDATED x6:Congressman Steve King just took the stage. The money quote, 'this is not about socialized medicine this is about freedom and liberty.' I'm dying here, my audio keeps going in and out so Steve King's speech is getting chopped up. My live stream is overloaded by millions of concerned citizens that think they are losing their nation to fascism. Readers - do you have another streaming link available? My friend Jason from Right Klik is live blogging the Code Red Rally, he just snapped this shot and fired it off to his Twitter photo page:

code red crowd

Looks like a bunch of anti-government militia types and astroturfers to me. Could it be both? Nice Deb grabbed a shot of John Voight arriving at the Kill the Bill Code Red Rally:

Code Red Rally
UPDATED x7:Fox News has a streaming feed of the rally that is 100x better. Go to the link here, and look for the link at the top of the page. If you don't see it just do a ''Ctrl + a +f" page search for "Tea Party Rally" and it will be highlighted.

Code Red Rally
UPDATED x8:I am heading out the door as we speak to attend a San Diego protest. Look for pictures of the rally in a few hours when I get home. Temple of Mut has the details:

Sat., March 20, 2010
10:00am – NOON
Broadway between 2nd and 3rd
Downtown, San Diego

Paid Parking available at Horton Plaza.

Code Red Rally UPDATED x9
: I just returned home from the San Diego Kill the Bill rally - it was awesome. I will be dedicating a post to the topic. At a certain point at the San Diego Kill the Bill rally, cheers broke out that the Demon Pass tactic was shot down today. We are winning, this thing can still be won. Scroll up to call the Capitol and the Reps to pressure. Check out Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit for the Capitol rally as well. Smitty from The Other McCain is at the rally as well:

Robert Stacy McCain has a barn-burner of a story as well, via. Malkin - executive orders for Obamacare pro life fence sitters. RSM also states THEY DON'T HAVE THE VOTES!

Code Red Rally UPDATED x10
: Byron York in the Washington Examiner weighs in on the Demon Pass death as well as general chaos in the Rules Committee:

At the House Rules Committee meeting, Democrats desperate to pass their national health care plan are running into the barrier of basic civics. Here is the problem: The Senate has passed its HCR bill. If the House passes the same bill, it goes on to the president; once he signs it, the bill becomes law. But House Democrats, when they vote for the Senate bill using the "Deem & Pass" dodge, also want to simultaneously pass a package of amendments to the law. Except HCR will not, at that point, be law. It will only become law when the president signs it. Congress can amend the law -- it does so all the time -- but can it amend something that isn't law?

Which is where Democrats are tripping up. Passage of their HCR proposal should be very simple: Senate passes it, House passes it, president signs it. But House Democrats are terrified of voting for the unpopular bill, so they hope to pass it by "Deem & Pass," in which they will vote, not for the bill, but for a rule that both deems the Senate bill to have passed and, in the same vote, passes the package of amendments. So House Democrats will have two fig leaves: 1) they didn't vote directly for the Senate bill, and 2) they voted to simultaneously amend -- to "fix" -- the Senate bill.

Read the rest.


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