Chelsea King UPDATE: More information on John Gardner, Sex Offender Suspect

by the Left Coast Rebel

To learn that John Gardner, the sex offender suspect is a repeat offender pretty much sums up for me what the 'justice' system of the state of California represents. My only wish is that the judge that let this man be released to the public (if he is guilty) is prosecuted himself.

For the Left Coast Rebel readers that aren't aware, here in California we don't take the crime of pedophilia and rape seriously. We like to counsel the ACLU and elect liberal loons that have more sympathy for rapist sex offenders than the families they destroy. To think that Obama Justice is stacked with ACLU types is beyond disgusting and things like I am talking about here are coming to a town near you. Like I said, John Gardner has quite a past. First off, 10 News has this, on the suspect John Garder in the Chelsea King case:

10News learned more about the criminal past of a man in custody allegedly connected to the disappearance of 17-year-old Chelsea King of Poway.In 2000, John Gardner pleaded guilty to committing a lewd act on a child and false imprisonment. The victim in the case was a 13-year-old girl, according to court documents obtained by 10News.

It came out in court that Gardner had fondled a 14-year-old girl a year earlier. Although the district attorney did not require him to plead guilty to that charge, the DA said "the defendant obviously has an unnatural interest in very young girls. The defendant's actions are extremely predatory and this makes him very dangerous."

Gardner was sentenced to six years in prison. He served five years and was released in September 2005.He remained on parole until September 2008, and after that was required to register as a sex offender. He is currently listed on the Megan's Law Web site.

Does this story not point to the fact that these people, people that are capable of sexual crimes against children should face mandatory life sentences, in the least? I would argue for mandatory death sentences. The instant that this John Gardner showed an interest in young girls and acted on it, he should have been locked up in perpetuity.

Read the entire rap sheet of John Gardner here. Please help find Chelsea. Also visit the frequently updated Chelsea King Search Center Facebook page.

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  1. Why would we not electronically monitor all violent sex offenders 24/7 and record their movements? If the crime they did was violent, (not some teenage girl and boy who get charged for having consensual sex who make the offender list) and they are released after serving their sentence, I believe we have every right to know their location at any given time. These felons gave up the right to privacy when they chose to rape defenseless young men and women. If we have to release them, we need to put the bracelet on these people. Otherwise it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

  2. We must reform our justice system. And stop protecting the criminals at the expense of innocents.

  3. Sex offenders will never change. They should be locked up forever or terminated.

    The "justice" system is a huge failure here in California. If convicted, I would gladly put a bullet in the convicted man's head. Society has no courage anymore.

    This is a disgrace.

  4. First offence death penalty for rape, murder, child molestation...

  5. The real crime here is that the phsyco predator wasnt monitored 24 hours a day every second of every day you mean a young lady cant go jogging and return home safely its discusting sickening it happens over and over again and 99.9 percent of the time its a guy with a rap sheet and a troubled past who should have never had another oppurtunity to commit such a crime period

  6. Who is this Judge? He needs to be taken off the bench and held accountable!

  7. Mandatory death sentences?
    These are tragedies certainly, but these criminals are mentally disturbed and to blindly kill them (especially when the accuracy rate of convictions is far from 100%) is wrong and will solve nothing.
    Hatred is not a good emotion.

  8. @ Anon - I'm sure that you would be singing a different tune if one close to you was raped or killed by a sex offender. You are a moron to put it bluntly and represent the reason that crimes like this happen.

  9. The judge who imposed an inadequate sentence in 2000 should be exposed and removed from office. All other professions are responsible for their negligence, incompetence, etc. There is no reason why judges should be any different. But there's one problem. I have spent almost an hour online trying to find the name of the judge who mis-sentenced Gardner in 2000. Can't find it anywhere. Pretty poor reporting by the news media. It's their job to report that info and to give the public a chance to take appropriate action against the judge.

  10. These monsters should spend the rest of their lives behind bars! I don't care if they are messed up mentally! Let them get fixed in prison! I don't want these horrible people walking the same streets as my little cousins or future children! I say no more innocent by means of insanity... I say GUILTY by means of insanity!


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