Charlie Rangel Resigns, (kind of), Will the Other Tax Cheats and Crooks in Congress and Obama White House Follow Suit?

by the Left Coast Rebel

This morning's Rangel resignation (aka, temporary leave of absence), inspired by a closed door meeting with Nasty Pelosi (wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall), hearkens me back to all of the tax cheats and ethics violators in the Obama administration and Congress. Think of this little nugget of insight into what makes Charlie Rangel tick, Charlie Rangel, 'mind your own goddamned business Rangel':

Why is it in this country that we put up with transgressions from leadership, especially an individual that has power over the tax writing branch of the government (think of Tim Geithner, 'my dog ate my turbotax' as well). Why is it that our leadership at this point just brushes over malfeasance with a willing accomplice press? How in God's name can the head of the IRS cheat on his taxes yet keep his job? How can Charles Rangel keep his job as chief tax writer after myriad scandals as well?

It's not rocket science.

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