Charles Rangel Gives up Tax Committe Gavel Before he Doesn't, Or Does he?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Conflicting new stories tonight on House Ways and Means Committee chair Charles Rangel and whether or not he still resides on said committee. Nancy Pelosi seems to think that he does, after exiting a closed door meeting with Charles Rangel. "Um, yah, I guess that Charles Rangel is still chair of Ways and Means..." Not exactly a resounding endorsement, no?

NBC reports that Charles Rangel is giving up his powerful Ways and Means position. 'Temporarily' amid ethics woes is how NBC states it. They mention that it is in connection to his Carribean trips accepted as 'donations' from corporate sponsors.

The NYT puts it somewhere in between. The Caribbean treats perhaps being the last straw with this arrogant man.

Oh, the confusion. Perhaps though, it actually really just is quite so simple. Perhaps Charles Rangel just needs another vacation paid for by well connected corporate 'sponsor' in the Caribbean:

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