A Case of Spittle and Not of Spit, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Spit on or Not? Watch the VIDEO and Decide

by the Left Coast Rebel

Democracy isn't pretty. Neither is one's right to protest - to petition one's government. A forced takeover and destruction of the medical system in the United States isn't pretty either. Neither is a free nation being ruled by radicals intent on instituting 'change' against the will of the democratic republic.

And you know what? It also isn't a pretty sight to accuse an American dissenter practicing his Constitutionally protected freedoms of 'spitting' on your person - if it is not true. On that point, does it look like this was a case of flat out spitting on Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver, or merely 'spittle,' as conjecture; from the man holding both hands to his face (starting at 1:25):

I think this whole thing stinks. Why were charges not pressed? HotAirPundit does some of the heavy lifting and adds up the pieces to this story as any good citizen-journalist would do. Be sure to read the rest.


  1. Please join me in posting the following at every news site you can. If we all do a few, it might help. We are the Army of Davids.



    There was no spitting. Look at 1:20 in the tape. The congressman was walking close to this man's mouth as he was shouting along with the others. I would like a retraction and an apology to these people the congressman and this news source is slandering.

  2. Finally proof that the dems and media are simply out to defame the Tea Party movement no matter the facts.

    I'm still waiting for proof of the N-word chant...let's just say I'm not holding my breathe.

  3. finally a video of the alleged event. He was not *spit* on! the guy was screaming, and probably let loose some spittle. What a farce.

  4. Ah yes the Socialists.They want us to work harder so that they don’t have to. Truly a sorry bunch.

    And isn't it curious how all these socialists and communists are in environmental issues these days, ain’t it? I’m even more curious to see what Trojan horse they drag up to Congress.

    SOCIALISM - A political and economic theory advocating collective ownership of the means of production and control of distribution. It is based upon the belief that all, while contributing to the good of the community, are equally entitled to the care and protection which the community can provide.
    --- Webster's dictionary

    Socialism and its cousin, communism, are diametrically opposed to absolute ownership by individuals. They will only tolerate qualified ownership, shared with the State, and you know who has the superior claim..

    Whatever label one contemplates for Barack Obama, would it be accurate to say that he has not shown his staunch support for the people's right to keep their wealth and property from the tax man?

    But we cannot blame him! Remember, WE all volunteered...

  5. Check out my crazy long post on this. I'm glad you finally found video of the *incident*! I've been holding off writing about it, until I saw video.


    You rock LCR!!

    FYI - the links to HotAir Pundit don't work.


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