Bill to ban birther requests? How about a bill to release Obama’s birth certificate

By Conservative Generation for Left Coast Rebel

It seems as though Hawaii receives 10-20 emails each week requesting proof of Obama’s citizenship. The constant throng of requests has prompted the state’s legislature to consider legislation that would label “birther” requests as vexatious and may ban requesters from requesting state information for two years.

To start with, I am not, nor have I ever been a birther and for two reasons. First of all, the movement was started by the Clinton campaign. That alone should be sufficient. Second, I have a hard time believing that the two state officials that have attested to the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate are defrauding the nation. I know that many that will read this don’t share my optimism for reason number two and I don’t have any problem with that.

However, since Hawaii admits that the requests are annoying. So annoying that they are looking at legislation to deal with the issue, banning requests won’t really solve the problem. It merely allows the government to not respond to the requests, but the requests will still come. Since the Hawaii government is actually thinking about writing and voting on legislation that costs the taxpayers money, then the solution that makes sense is to amend the particular law that is barring the state clerk from revealing Obama’s birth certificate. If anyone has a valid reason for not amending the law to release Obama’s birth certificate, please let me know. I’d love to hear it.

It guarantees that the requests will not continue, which means that state won’t have to answer and no one has to be banned from requesting information. Should anyone born in Hawaii want to run for President in the future, it will prohibit almost certain future birther movements. It would also probably lead to more interesting programming on MSNBC, since they would no longer need to obsess and provide GPS locations for everyone that ascribes to the birther movement.

Please Hawaii, listen to my plea and don’t let the birther conspiracy to go on like the Kennedy assassination. It’s not that I don’t love a good conspiracy, I do. It is that I don’t want to ever see a Kevin Costner movie again and it is up to Hawaii to help prevent any material that could land him a new acting job.

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  1. LOL, so much for the freedom of information act. I would hate to incovenient the state of Hawaii to ensure the Constitutional requirements of Article Two were met.

  2. it could also change the law so as to reveal it only under circumstances like this also. whether anyone likes it or not this is a Constitutional issue. and the people do have the right to know who they are voting for.

  3. As my dad would say: "He gone!" referring to obama's presidency. But the damage he's done is cause for mourning. Hopey changey is a very dark figure in terms of his openness to his people. We're NOT his people and he is NOT open. This should be a huge warning sign. It's not enough that "he gone", even though he is. My stomach turns at the thought of a second obama term. We can't tolerate another racially divisive and arrogant candidate ever to grace our ballots again!

    1) abortion-on-demand healthcare bill = obamafail

    2) Israel-snubbing, moslem supporting = obamafail

    3) No concern for the huge unemployment figures = obamafail

    4) total inaction while our children fight in two related but separate theaters = obamafail

    Perhaps you can add to the list ?

  4. I doubt they'll try this one. It's against the Freedom Of Information Act.

    Very good point, and I agree, just make Comrade Zero's Birth Certificate public and those that doubt will know.

  5. Great piece, Shaun. Leave it to you to find this gem in between the health care log jam!

  6. Isn't this weird all they have to do is show that his birth certificate has been viewed by the proper authorities and it all goes away. Why doesn't the Administration just want all these law suits and inquiries to just go away?

  7. LCR - thanks. Honestly, when I saw the article I knew I needed to write a piece for the express purpose of posting that image :)

  8. I am no birther.

    However, I believe it is not the responsibility of Hawaii to produce Obama's birth certificate. It is his responsibility to produce the document.

    I sincerely believe he purposely does not produce said document for political reasons.

    Quite simply, look at the ridiculous media attention that came upon J. D. Hayworth when John McCain gutter-sniped and clipped partial audio clips from Hayworth's radio program.

    Any time anyone brings up the issue, it can cause great harm - and by nature this harm will come to the more Conservative person in the discussion, regardless of the situation.

    Arizona has introduced legislation requiring anyone running for public office to produce proper documentation based on the office for which they aspire. In the case of president, Arizona would from that point forward require a birth certificate from the state of the candidate's birth.

    While it seems reasonable, it's an esoteric measure that we simply do not need our legislature to be dealing with when we're facing a $2 billion deficit.


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