Avatar Director James Cameron Bashes Glenn Beck for Not Being an Eco-Terrorist, Channels Joe Biden, "F*cking $sshole"

by the Left Coast Rebel

(NSFW) What is it about the left today? The same virulent nonsense echoing the halls of Congress pervades Hollywood - the same crowd that preaches from the mount of 'tolerance' is the first to call an opponent or one of disagreement, a 'f8cking $sshole' among other things. THR:

"Avatar" director James Cameron lashed out at Glenn Beck at a news conference Tuesday, offering to debate the Fox News personality on environmental and political issues.

Asked what he thought about Beck during a junket appearance in support of the "Avatar" home video release, Cameron said: "Glenn Beck is a f$cking $%#@#$%. I've met him.... he certainly is dangerous, and I'd love to have a dialogue with him."
---Matthew 12:34 - "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."

Predictable drivel from James Cameron. He goes on to equate Glenn Beck to 'being dangerous' because his 'ideas are poisonous.' Then in the Hollywood Reporter article as well, he attacks you and me for not going along with the communist agenda (he says as much). What is it about Hollywood - the fame, the money, the elitism; that turns entertainers into communists? Why do they loathe and despise most of the country so much?

Now I mentioned Hollywood and money, right? Get a load of this, communist director James Cameron is 'sending a message' and it's not about money:

"Look, at this point I'm less interested in making money for the movie and more interested in saving the world that my children are going to inhabit. How about that? I mean, look, I didn't make this movie with these strong environmental anti-war themes in it to make friends on the right, you know.
Really? Ok, so can I look up where James Cameron donated all of the ill-gotten gains from "Avatar" to his favorite enviro-charity of choice? To save the world? I hardly think so. In fact, would you like to know where James Cameron lives? I read that he owns a mansion in Bel Air but couldn't find a photo. Carbon footprint! He has 'secret' residences across the world too. Here's one of his homes, Malibu, CA:

cameron home

Why does a guy that has 'succeeded in life's lottery' think that he can tell us precisely why we don't have the right to succeed just as he has? What is it about the left?I bet James Cameron has less disdain for jihadists as he does conservatives. Why do you people watch his movies and fill his coffers? I certainly won't.

Speaking of jihadists....James Cameron is the same James Cameron that thought that "Avatar" being used as an eco-terrorist recruiting platform was simply hunky-dory. Don't believe me? You don't have to, Entertainment Weekly( scrubbed from ET's site, via WWTW):
EW: “Avatar” is the perfect eco-terrorism recruiting tool.”

JC: Good, good. I like that one. I consider that a positive review. I believe in eco-terrorism.”

So Perhaps James Cameron actually hates Glenn Beck because Beck isn't an eco-terrorist?


  1. Well, I'm ashamed to admit I've seen Avatar and thought it was just anti-greed. Now I see I've been duped and will never support this stupid moron or his movies again. There's no fate but what we make, but apparantly, he wants no fate but what the government deems. I like to know how this is anything different than Skynet and it's desire of control over their terminator drones over the free thinking humans? I guess all those that disagrees with the one should be terminated, heh Cameron. Perhaps you believe in the hive mentality of the xenomorphs in Aliens. Here, all this time I thought you were actually in favor of the HUMANS and humanity, not the aliens or machines.

  2. Cameron CAN'T be the AntiChrist. He's far too busy
    pumping out franchise slum product and selling out, sucking up and generally covering for the
    most awesomely genocidal regime history has EVER
    seen ---ACROSS the Pacific. How could he have
    any time left over for the demanding office of AntiChrist.



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