Amber Dubois Press Conference to be Held at 3:30 PST at the Escondido Police Department, More Details on John Gardner and Judge Peter Deddeh

by the Left Coast Rebel

News sources are citing the fact that today the Escondido P.D. will hold a press conference at 3:30 here in California to go over 'more details' in the Amber Dubois story. Come back to the Left Coast Rebel for live coverage (live blog) of that Escondido police press conference. Details are not known at this time but perhaps we will get a better idea of (any) possible involvement with John Gardner and perhaps what the community can do to help in the search for the perpetrator in Amber Dubois' death.

"America's Newsroom" on FNC this morning gave airtime to a Criminal Defense attorney that simply reiterated that sex-offenders in the state of California are simply 'not given the proper rehabilitation' and such. She claimed that 'rehabilitation' was to blame in Chelsea King's murder and the possible connection of John Gardner to Amber Dubois' murder as well. I assume this attorney would be singing a different tune had it been her daughter that was raped or killed.

Amber Dubois' father told Fox News on March 5 that 'if Gardner had not been released' that Chelsea King would still be alive today and perhaps his daughter would be too. Despite what the criminal element of defense attorneys (who care more about sex offender's 'rights' than the victims) and 'rehabilitation' of those that cannot be rehabilitated, I believe this to be true. Here's a refresher course on just how the California justice system failed Chelsea King and perhaps Amber Dubois (if it is proven that John Gardner was involved):

  • John Gardner was put away for assaulting and accosting a 13 year old girl in 2000. The psychiatrist in the case suggested that John Gardner be put away for at least 11 years.
  • Judge Peter Deda allowed for the early release of John Gardner, citing the fact that 'it was John Gardner's first offense', apparently ignoring the pleas of the psychiatrist that claimed that John Gardner offered no remorse and would likely repeat his crimes.
  • Judge Peter Deddeh ignored the advice of the court psychiatrist. Go here to file a complaint to remove Judge Peter Deddeh.
  • John Gardner was released in 2005 and listed as a registered sex offender but then resided with his mother instead of the Lake Elsinore address provided.
Elected Judge Peter Deddeh:

UPDATED: I just finished watching the press conference today held at Esondido PD. Go here for the link to watch the video yourself. 10 News sums it up here.


  1. I think most of the country has followed and read the horror the "unfolding" of events that has taken place with this man. To think this case is an an exception to the rule is misleading and all one has to do is read the daily stories of repeat offenders to acknowledge that. What is different to me, one who has followed these crimes and the people who perpetrate them, is the wave of outrage towards the system that has long been overdue. Phillip Garrido was the insight to a lackadaisical and careless system, Chelsea King and Amber Dubois are the blaring examples of a very expensive ineffective wasted Government and Judicial that may finally be brought to light for the ineptness and revolving door mentality it operates on. Judges have far too much discretion and society needs to ask themselves why are laws written and passed with the blood of our children, if they can be tossed aside by only one person?

  2. This judge has to be held accountable. To be warned of the offender repeating his crimes and to outright ignore the psychiatrist is ludicrous. He gets paid a lot of money to keep the public safe. For him to take these pleas so lightly should at the very least, cost him his job. Maybe if these judges were held accountable, they would be a little more careful whom they allow to walk the streets.


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