Amber Dubois Found Dead: Map of Dissapearance, Escondido High School to 'North of' Pala, Scroll for UPDATES

by the Left Coast Rebel

As the Left Coast Rebel mentioned, Escondido Police Chief Jim Maher and investigators noted that Amber Dubois' body was found 'north' of the Pala indian reservation here in San Diego, California. As you will see here, Pala is precisely 20-30 miles from the location of Amber Dubois' disappearance -- Escondido High School. As one can clearly tell, the Pala area may have been just the perfect location to dump the body of Amber Dubois -- the proximity to Escondido High School as well as being a remote/rural location being key factors.

Another point as well is that John Gardner likely had the means to easily reach the Pala area (if he is in fact the perpetrator). Knowing that there is a popular Indian gaming location nearby as well - the Pala Casino, I wonder if that could have played into John Gardner's pick of this location (which seems likely to me). Perhaps investigators can discover a time frame when Amber Dubois' body was left at Pala and then view subsequent security camera footage at Pala Casino? I assume they may be considering that.

Here is a screenshot from Google Maps of the route -- Escondido High School to the Pala area where Amber Dubois' body was found. Note that investigators (the hiker) found the body 'north' of this location:

amber dubois dissapear to pala2

This screenshot below shows the Pala area (#2 on the map), note how remote the area is essentially anywhere north of Pala:

pala 3

UPDATED: The San Diego U/T Confirms the location of Amber Dubois' skeletal remains, 3 miles north of the Pala Mission:

The body of Amber Dubois was apparently found about three miles north of the historic Pala Mission, in a woodsy area.

Authorities have not confirmed the location, but Escondido police perimeter tape is strung around a spot west of Pala Temecula Road — about 10 miles north of the city limits.

It's the same area where 7-year-old Leticia Hernandez was discovered 15 months after she disappeared from her Oceanside home in 1989.

As of this evening, the site was guarded by a lone Escondido officer who declined comment. Two police cruisers were parked nearby.

Here is an updated map, the marker is the Pala Mission, 3 miles above this location is where the remains were found:

pala mission


  1. I hope they are checking camera footage. They should also check border patrol camera footage incase a red truck drove by heading to Elsinore.

  2. I understand in the past, four prostitutes, Leticia and now Amber were found in the same canyon. What are the odds of this happening unless its tied to a dumping ground for a serial killer?


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