This Morning's Example that the Main Stream Press is not only Liberal and Corrupt but Stupid: Rick Sanchez of CNN and 9 Meters in English

by the Left Coast Rebel

I told Wes last night on his radio show that one of the reasons that I have so much energy for the Left Coast Rebel is simple motivation of hatred for America's press. I simply hate it. I hate the liberal dogma, the political correctness, the rigid government/media complex. In some ways I hate the mains stream media even more than the country's leadership because if we did have an honest, active press, politicians wouldn't be able to get away with what they do.

After all, traditionally in America (and Constitutionally) the press was set up to protect American citizens from the government. Can you imagine that?

Sometimes, however individuals in the main stream press (along with being liberals and corrupt) are just roundly stupid. Rick Sanchez of CNN proves this by not knowing how many feet nine meters represents in English. Hat tip Newsbusters, via Memeorandum:


  1. Yeah. Its 30 feet in English. It's about four miles in Japanese, though. hoho

  2. I did a top-of-the-head ballpark of 27 to 30 feet (remembering a meter is slightly more than a yard, but unsure just how much more).

  3. It seems incredibly stupid to me, BUT I know some otherwise smart people are not good with numbers. My wife has a successful legal practice, earns way more than I do designing electronics, but she probably would not know about how far nine meters is and would not be able to estimate the size of a nine meter object in any units.


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