Theater of the Deranged: Nancy Pelosi and the Tea Party 'Share Views'

by the Left Coast Rebel

But of course the Tea Pary movement and Nancy Pelosi share views! Tea Partiers agree with Nancy Pelosi that the Constitution should be thrown out the window (or burned, or both). Tea Party activists think that we should bankrupt our country with social spending and new entitlements. Tea Party folks think that the Federal government should lack any modicum of transparency because 'they know best'. Did I miss anything?

Via Memeorandum


  1. I don't think we dare just brush this off.

    The progressives have started a new "club" called the Coffee Party or Coffee House and the mission statement sounds very democratic (we know government is not the enemy, we just need to tweek it so that it works for us, we know everyone wants to be calm and work together for the best).

    The left is going to try to co-opt the independents in the tea party movement by seeming "reasonable".

    It shouldn't make sense since progressives are for nothing more than big government and more spending but these snakes in the grass have already started the memeorandum that "we are with the people, we are listening to you" (Hoyer in op/ed yesterday).

    It appears crazy to me because I have seen through them all for years; however, most of "the people" want nothing more than to see compromise and don't understand the ultimate goal of the progressive movement.

  2. Special interests, tuna, blah, blah, blah...

  3. @ Greyledge - I couldn't agree more.

    @ Chris - Yes and evil too, a terrible combo.

    @ RK - Indeed.

  4. I'm sure some people involved in the Tea party stuff agree with some things that any politician support. The leaders of the tea party (or the coffee party that Greyledge mentioned) might be ideologues, but most people are not.


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