Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana Retiring: UPDATE

by the Left Coast Rebel

Evan Bayh, Senator of Indiana is retiring. Details are hard to come by - sources are citing a recent poll that showed him up 20 points (against Republican challenger Dan Coats). This may seem confusing to see a recent poll that showed Bayh up that high recently - there is more to the story. Progressive netroots are foaming at the mouth over the Even Bayh retirement announcement, I saw several on Twitter proclaiming that he was a traitor to the 'progressive cause' and such and that he deserved (basically) to be dragged behind a horse. Of course, liberal support waning for all Democratic candidates is part of the picture with Evan Bayh's retirement but the Evan Bayh retirement speaks to something a lot bigger - the apocalyptic, nuclear-blowup-backlash to the radical Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda. It doesn't take 2 brain cells to rub together to figure out that Evan Bayh announcing retirement forebodes an absolute bloodbath for Democrats nationwide this year.

An analyst on Fox said that Evan Bayh's retirement is just the latest shoe to fall in the toughest climate for a political party since the 1970s - after Nixon resigned from office. To ponder this analogy is quite fascinating. To think that the public disdain for the Obama statist agenda is akin to the disgust that the public had toward a disgraced, corrupt, President Richard Nixon is amazing. To think that Obama has not received the memo from the public is even more incredible. The reality that Obama, Pelosi and Reid are still doubling down on the agenda, behavior and corruption that is causing their party to blow up right in front of ours eyes is the best gift that a conservative, liberty-minded, concerned American could ever ask for? Is it Christmas in February? I just hope the damage is limited in the meantime.

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