Sea World Killer Whale Attack Footage Video used to Spread Malware?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Listen to this - much like the spectacle that I witnessed with the massive Google search for the video of the Winter Olympics luger death, there is a flood of searches coming in for the video that shows Dawn Brancheau getting killed by Tilikum the killer whale. Google is flooded with the queries, 'killer whale attack footage', 'killer whale attack youtube', 'whale killing trainer video', 'killer whale attacks trainer footage' and others. Much like the luger video search incident, I am disgusted that people would go to lengths to view the demise of another.

There is a silver lining to this story and a moral repercussion to those that wish to watch Dawn Brancheau's death for their viewing pleasure. It's simple and one word. Virus.

Infozine explains:

Boston, MA - infoZine - IT security and control firm Sophos is warning that hackers are exploiting interest in the death of Sea World animal trainer Dawn Brancheau, who was killed after being attacked by a killer whale.

Ghoulish internet users are searching the web for photographs and videos of the death, which happened yesterday during a public show at Sea World, Orlando. However, by using SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques, hackers have created webpages stuffed with content which appears to be morbid video footage of the animal trainer's death - but are really designed to infect visiting computers.
A virus for 'killer whale attack footage sea world video'. Think of it as a venereal disease for the promiscuous internet user. Cry me a river, you get what you deserve. Perhaps IT guys will face a glut of new business as well, think of it as Obamanomics - digging holes only to fill them, thus 'creating jobs'. Perhaps all of you sick searchers should be searching out a fund that helps Dawn Brancheau's family (if) she left anyone that needs support.

Via Google Trends


  1. Thanks for pointing this out, LCR...why anyone would want to view such horror, is beyond me, they'll get what they deserve.

  2. I noticed this disgusting trend as well. Any time a tragedy happens, people are drawn to it like flies to a pile of crap. Similar to the Nick Berg video some years ago if you recall.

    I believe humans are naturally drawn to such things, because there is a sinful nature and desire there to begin with.

    It's a cryin shame.

  3. It's probably the PETA crowd searching for the video so the can celebrate an animal triumphing over a human.

    I hope their computers blow up.

  4. @ Bunni - Thanks, isn't that disgusting?

    @ Hack - It is a crying shame my friend, and yes - it does go back to the sinful nature that humans have.

    @ Chris - Well said, the PETA types always cheer human suffering over that of a chicken or toad. I can only imagine how happy they are.

  5. This kind of curiosity, while not necessarily laudible, is perfectly normal. Mortality has always been viewed with curiosity. A person who shames or curses another for this natural curiosity effectively shames themselves and curses their own humanity.

  6. @ Anon - Why do I sense that you live in some socialist hell hole somewhere? I curse anyone that wishes to view the demise of another sould, your bogus reasoning here doesn't get past the starting point.

  7. It is pure curiosity that causes all human beings to persue in this behavior of trying to find things such as this video. They want to know what happened,how it happened and often find them selves asking questions and giving their opinions. It is tragic,VERY tragic,and everyone has thier opinion,but come on,like any of you dont look at things that people would consider wierd or disgusting. Such as,hmmm,a porno clip shows up on your computer,the planes crashing into the twin towers,the elephant man. People are curious by nature,leave them alone and get on with your life.


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