Rush Limbaugh Reads the Left Coast Rebel

by the Left Coast Rebel

I couldn't believe it when I got home today from a long day at work. I checked into the Left Coast Rebel, moderated some comments and saw that Conservative Generation (who's helping out, be sure to tell him thanks) put up some great stuff. I perused over to my analytics to see the traffic today and saw that I had a huge day. Digging a little deeper I found the fountain of hits to be coming from Rush reads my site! He mentioned how funny my "Tilikum/Tea Party Spotting" post was, he loved it! My post is listed as #2 on his 'Stack of Stuff Quick Hits' Page:

lcr limbaugh2

The only disappointment is that Rush didn't mention the Left Coast Rebel by name but he linked me as Story #2. I bet Rush loved how I mentioned that the story of Tilikum being spotted at a Tea Party was as believable as the 'rumor' of Obamacare decreasing the deficit. Go here for the post Rush loved:

killer whale tea partier

I find it incredible that Rush was reading BBCW yesterday and LCR today. I can only imagine Rush ticking away at his Apple keyboard with his formerly nicotine-stained fingers and chuckling over my post. Full credit is truly due to the guys at The Nose on Your Face that made the photoshop. I like that Rush also saw a (little) defense of 'Ron Paulistas' in my post.

What a great day! To think, I will celebrate my first year LCR anniversary next month.


  1. Cooool! Congrats!

  2. Of course Rush is reading your site. Your site is damn good!

    You deserve to be noticed.

  3. That is awesome!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  4. We all knew you were destined for greatness. You have now been placed on the front lines in the battle for liberty.

    We're proud of you, boy.

  5. Tim, I was listening to that segment of Rush at work. But I was trying to figure out which blogger he was talking about. Now I know.


  6. Sooooo cool LCR! See, it pays to keep up the good work. People are starting to sit up and take notice. You're making a difference! God bless. :)

  7. Likewise I heard Rush mention it. That's great! I've got a staffer at Glenn Beck who reads my stuff.

  8. That's pretty awesome!


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