Robin Hood 702 and Lady Grace Live on Camera for the First Time

by the Left Coast Rebel

Remember when I wrote about Robin Hood 702 a few months back? Here's an excerpt of what I said:

Robin Hood 702 is an expert Blackjack player, (pro), who is supposedly taking his skills to the altruistic circuit. That being he's trying to help anyone develop their blackjack skills.

So Robin Hood 702 is teaching people to gamble? Doesn't sound very humanitarian to me. Apparently he got his name last year in Vegas, taking from the rich, (dealer), and giving to the poor. The 702 is Vegas' area code. The big buzz now surrounding Robin Hood 720 is that he recently gave $35,ooo to a couple with an ill child.
You are filled in now on just who Robin Hood 702 is. He's back in the news today, this time early in the morning on Fox and Friends. Apparently it is Robin Hood 702's first showing live on camera and he had his sidekick (wife, girlfriend?) with him - the Lady Grace. The Lady Great delivers the prize money or what have you to the 'needy' families. She's quite pretty. I digress.

Anyhow Robin Hood 702 appeared via remote camera on Fox and Friends. The trouble is, however - he looked like a Taliban terrorist. In order to conceal his identity he had a black bandana over his face along with dark sunglass, baseball cap and a black nike shirt. Robin Hood 702 must conceal his identity to avoid being outed at the Blackjack tables at Vegas as well as anonymous contributions to families in financial distress.

Too bad we aren't as lucky with our national Fearless Leader Robin Hood 702, the Robin Hood 702 who takes from those according to their ability to give to those with none.

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