Reaction to Evan Bayh's Retirement: Robert Gibbs Points Out That Sarah Palin is Stupid

by the Left Coast Rebel

Democrats in office are dropping like flies (pre-electorally), the netroots-nutroots are in a tizzy this otherwise quiet (for politics) morning. I hear the clarion-carrion call for traitorous 'moderate' Democratic pol's heads, the whistling dixie that the Democrat Party just simply hasn't been liberal, statist enough in the last year. Evan Bayh of Indiana is retiring because the opposition is a bunch of crooks! Mind you the opposition doesn't have the numbers to elect a dog catcher at this point. The headline for this post inspired by a Twitter'er:

Prediction: Robert Gibbs' reaction to Evan Bayh's retirement will be to point out that Sarah Palin is stupid.

I thought that was simple - and brilliant. Sadly (and perhaps not for me) is that it is quite accurate, actually. And although Democrats, especially in the PJ-ponitificating nutroots side, will go far beyond this as Professor Jacobson points out, their collective reaction will just signal their desperate grasping-for-straws radicalism. A radicalism that is becoming more shrill by the minute, ever since the Scott Brown victory in Massachusetts. Sorry, guys - this nation is center-right and doesn't take to your vision of a Euro-centric welfare state.

Then again, Sarah Palin is really stupid.


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  1. The "Stupidest President Ever" award has to go to Obutthole. He's eloquent with his teleprompter, but off script can't do diddly. He makes bad decisions, but when his handlers don't control him, he's even worse.


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