(PHOTO) (VIDEO) Impeach Obama Billboard Shows up in Osh Kosh Wisconsin: Small Businesses Are Failing Under Obama


by the Left Coast Rebel

America's small businesses are failing, the Obama administration and Pelosi/Reid Congress is playing a key role in just that and a billboard is up in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin that says just as much. It can be seen along highway 41 in Osh Kosh and was paid for by a local attorney that claims that Obama's policies are terrible for small businesses. His name is Tom Wroblewski and he is paying a tidy sum of cash for the "Impeach Obama" billboard - $1,000.00 per month.


  1. Love it! Now let's put these babys up all over the nation.

  2. Oshkosh.

    The use of impeachment is a bit odd, but the dissatisfaction and claim of damage to small business is good.

    Good work by a Cheesehead. (And we loves our Cheeseheads around here!)

  3. I love that Billboard, it should be on every highway in America, and at the rate he's going, it soon might.

  4. I love the Billboard as well but we are already swallowing a bitter pill by having him in office. If we impeach him we then hand the office to Biden and Pelosi. Do we really want that?


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