Pamela Geller Vs. Ron Reagan Jr. on the Joy Behar Show

by the Left Coast Rebel

(h/t Gateway Pundit)

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs is kind enough to link LCR when I occasionally send her material. Pamela Geller blazes trails on the Joy Behar Show (I didn't know this show existed until I saw her talking to Andrew Sullivan, more on that later). Pamela Geller puts on the boxing gloves and enters the ring for conservatives. Pamela Geller shows me and other activists that one should not back down and should keep fighting when confronting/debating leftists that have nothing but fear, loathing and condescension for those that make the country work.

Refresher on Joy Behar (the feminist) and Andrew Sullivan (if you can take it). A discussion in Trig Trutherisms:


  1. I made it to about 7 minutes of that video. If I can stomach it, I'll go back and count the number of insults thrown at Palin. In the end - that's all the lefties have - ad hominem attacks.

    I find it appalling and shocking that adults would stoop to such language in public. Within one year this president has turned loose the very worst behavior and people on this country.

  2. Since when was that pothead Andrew Sullivan ever a conservative? And Ron Jr. needs to go back to obscurity if that's putting his best foot forward.

  3. I'm surprised Joy Behar even has a show. Sh'e not funny. Her WABC radio show in NYC metro market wasn't renewed after a year. She's shrill AND boring. Lynne Samuels at least was funny!

  4. I was never a fan of President Reagan (to be honest, I loathed the man), but to suggest that Palin is anywhere near his equal shames his memory. He was far smarter, far more informed, far more capable, and far more responsible than she is. He attracted the independents and conservative Democrats that she actively drives away. He was conservative without being excessively partisan.

    Reagan and the Republican establishment of the time would have treated Palin as someone like Robertson or Falwell; a useful tool to bring in the rubes, but he would never have put her in a position of any real power. And for Pam Geller to sit there and claim she has better insight into the working of President Reagan's mind than the *man's own son* is laughable.


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