Obama Missile Defense Logo, Can the Obama Missile Defense Logo Possibly be a Missile Defense Logo/Hope and Change Symbol + Islamic Creacent?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Call me paranoid (which I am not, they are actively dismantling the greatest nation in the world). Last night on Drudge I saw a story that showed the new Obama missile defense logo looks eerily similar to the Obama campaign symbol in addition to the Islamic crescent. What kind of signal does that send out? Can you possibly imagine something more Orwellian? Remember, nothing happens in the Obamanation administration without being planned. Judge for yourself.
The previous missile defense logo:

The new missile defense logo. Note the odd similarity to Obama's symbol, in addition to the islamic crescent:

Obama campaign symbol:Read more at BigGovernment.com. Via Memeorandum.


  1. So what message can we get from this? That Obama thinks Missile Defense is as cool as he is? that we intend to blast that crescent (and those countries it represents)?
    I think it's just a really bad design. Someone had to point out that the crescent actually represents the space beyond the globe of earth. If the center circle is meant to represent the globe, then that design failed.
    It's as about as much a conspiracy as the Pepsi logo.

  2. Probably by the same brain trust that came up with the new "D" Democratic party logo.


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