Obama and ACORN: New Video From Rep. Darrel Issa Proves the Obama/ACORN Alliance (and Obama's Lies)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) just released a video of Barack Obama clearly indicating his support and alliance with ACORN. Gateway Pundit this morning pointed readers to the clear contradiction (and obfuscation) of Obama and his relationship to ACORN. Obama clearly puts on his lawyerly tone (and you know how easily attorneys lie), complimented by a Rules for Radicals, 'isn't that ridiculous' condescending tone when questioned about his relationship to ACORN (in the first video, during the campaign). Of course, any American with a modem, a mouse and a keyboard had access to this picture that clearly showed the Obama/ACORN alliance:

obama acorn

The Obama/ACORN photo above was 'scrubbed' from ACORN's site too, did you know that? Obama ACORN? Who said there was an Obama ACORN connection? All those crazies on the right trying to say that Obama and ACORN were close! Obama/ACORN? Who better to prove the Obama/ACORN alliance than Mr. ACORN Obama himself? Obama/ACORN during the campaign:

Obama ACORN (God Bless Darrell Issa for grabbing this):

Via Memeorandum


  1. More and more we see that the Chosen One has no character and is not worthy of the office of POTUS.

    Also linked at http://my-thoughts-on-freedom.blogspot.com/

  2. Sorry, but i don't see any lie or contradiction here. He speaks of the one time he had a formal relationship with the organization - the lawsuit with the Justice Dept. and that they have no formal role in his campaign. That is all true.

    He also says that he had interactions with them about particular issues, as a politician in IL, and that is what the clip seems to indicate - that he wanted their support in his campaigns and he made the case that they have been on the same side of many issues. But that doesn't indicate any formal relationship.

    Sure he seems to have been choosing his words carefully so as to distance himself from a group that had become controversial, but I dont see any lies.


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