Norman Rockwell Earns a Google Doodle: I Wonder What Norman Rockwell Would Paint America Like Today?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Norman Rockwell, known for his famous Americana paintings was born today in 1894. Google is honoring Norman Rockwell's life and birthday today via the Google searchbar, ie. the Google Doodle.

Best known for the cover illustrations of The Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell's work is emblematic of an America that our nation is still proud of. When I think of Rockwell, I envision small town America, the so-called 'fly over' country that the elites refer to. Many areas of the country like the bible belt still represent the America that Rockwell painted.

I still wonder just what a Norman Rockwell painting depicting America in the year 2010 would look like though? Would it portray the essence, the goodness of America, something that many of us forget is still a part of our great nation? The shining city on the hill variety of people? Does our leadership represent the goodness of America? Has it ever? I think that humans have an inherent capacity to consider their lives as 'the worst of times' for a nation or society. Does this shade our view of the past and future?

Would Norman Rockwell have a difficult time being moved by what he would see in the country? Do you believe that America is still great and represents the same basic, decent values that we once did?

Norman Rockwell's life represented his paintings as well. You should read about it, it is quite interesting. Some of my favorites from Norman Rockwell:

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