Nancy Pelosi Pinata, Harry Reid Punching Bag at CPAC

by the Left Coast Rebel

Oh how I wish I was good with photoshop. For if I were, imagine the creation that I could whip up right now. A Pelosi pinata and Harry Reid punching bag. Carol at No Sheeples Here, can you do this? Anyway the Nasty Pelosi Pinata will be a prime feature of the Friday party-celebration, the day following CPAC in D.C. (tomorrow). The details are a little hard to find at this point but I am reading that 3 famous D.C. residents will be able to take their turns at the Pelosi Pinata which is filled with classic Pelosi sayings, bills and candy. The Pelosi pinata, aka the 'Budget' Pelosi pinata is aimed at whacking or taking a swipe at the bloated largess of the Queen's governance.

And that Harry Reid punching bag. I don't see very many details here on that but I do see that it is following the same theme as the Pelosi pinata, obviously sans being filled with candy, etc. It is geared to the men of the CPAC gala event.

Think about it, the Nancy Pelosi Pinata and Harry Reid Punching Bag relate to just what they have done to our wonderful country. Pelosi has whacked the essence of the country over and over like a pinata and Harry Reid has used the taxpayer (even those that aren't born yet) as his fiscal-abuse punching bag.

Perhaps this picture of Pelosi should be on the Pinata, (sorry if you lose your lunch):


UPDATE: Clifton at Another Black Conservative put his talents to use and cooked up a special pinata treat for his readers and for you here at LCR too. Be sure to check out what he has going on today. Look at this! Share the graphic but be sure to link back to ABC.



  1. Hey LCR, I got a little Pelosi Pinata Photoshop at ABC. It isn't No Sheeples standard, but it does the trick. BTW, gave you blog of the day today.


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