'Miss Me Yet' Bush Billboard: Anecdotal Evidence Shows Why We May See More 'Miss Me Yet' Billboards

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just heard Rush Limbaugh mention the George W. Bush 'Miss me Yet' billboard on his radio show. As I noted last night, the 'Miss Me Yet' billboard is along the I-35 in Minnes0ta and is quite legit. Who created the 'Miss Me Yet' billboard? Who put the cash up for the 'Miss Me Yet' billboard? Although we are sure now that the 'Miss Me Yet' billboard is legit, we still don't know who payed for the 'Miss Me Yet' billboard. Bear with me readers, (I'm doing a little SEO with the 'Miss Me Yet' Billboard phrase). Miss me yet? Honk, Minnesota, if you do:

This 'Miss Me Yet' Bush billboard is kind of like the Los Angeles 'Obama Joker' posters that were showing up everywhere. As was the case with that case, I think that we will come to the bottom of just who is behind 'Miss Me Yet' sooner than later.

Friend of LCR, Wisdom of Soloman noted that the 'Miss Me Yet' theme showed up in a local Goodwill thrift store that he frequents. Althought not a 'Miss Me Yet' billboard, he found Obama merchandise sitting on the shelves at the Goodwill store - t-shirts to be exact, $2 a pop:

Read the rest at Wisdom of Soloman. This anecdotal, 'Miss Me Yet' evidence is something that I have run across as well. Recently I wrote about the Obama Store in D.C. closing it's doors. Yesterday I ran across an apparel site that carried the typical liberal stuff (assorted filth too) and found a couple things on clearance too (screenshot):

Yes We Did - $10. Anecdotal evidence is better than big-dollar polling data.

UPDATE: Linked at Riehl World View, thanks!


  1. The billboard is located along I-35 near Wyoming Minnesota, billboard http://usspost.com/miss-me-yet-billboard-usspost-5250/

  2. Compared to the child in the White House now, I miss Carter and Nixon.

  3. The 'Miss Me Yet' billboard was paid for by a buddy of mine by the name of Simon Jester.


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