Left Coast Rebel Effective Blogging Series: Part One - How to Get Your Blog or Website Linked/Listed at Memeorandum (MEMEORANDUM DEBUNKED)

by the Left Coast Rebel

I mentioned a few days ago that the Left Coast Rebel was sourced, quoted and linked in an online New York Times piece. I mentioned that the Left Coast Rebel enjoys significant exposure because of the site Memeorandum.

For those not familiar with the site, Memeorandum is an aggregated news site. Memeorandum sifts through the net and scoops up the 'hot' political stories, typically directed linked to top news sited and large blogs. Basically if you want to see the political chatter of any given day - you need to visit Memeorandum.

Here's where you can come in as a blogger trying to get your site noticed, linked, quoted and exposed. Memeorandum runs 'Top Items', starting with the top of the site. For instance, the Top Item right now (5PST) is an L.A. Times story - White House adjusts Strategy on Republicans. This L.A. Times piece is called a 'thread' at Memeorandum too, since it is at the top of the page, it's the top thread at the moment, according to the Memeorandum algorithm. Here's a screen shot:


As you can see, and as I said - the L.A. Times Story is the 'top thread' of the Top Items list. Simple enough, right? Ok, well, here is how you come on the scene here. You, your site, your name. Take another look at the screenshot taken from Memeorandum. See the top thread story, the L.A. Times piece? Look a little closer. See the sites listen in 'discussion' just under the thread? Those sites are linked to either/or Memeorandum's thread for just that story or they are linked to the actual L.A. Times story. Check screen shot for the circled links - the sites, Moderate Voice, Say Anything and Commentary. These are the sites/blogs linked to this story. Note that I circled them:


Did I lose you? Don't worry, it's quite simple, actually. Like I said, these three sites are 'linked' to this L.A. Times story/Memeorandum thread. Let's take the next example of a Top Item thread that I am actually carried at right now to uncover just how this is done.

meme 3 <span class=

As you can see, the Left Coast Rebel along with LCR friend Another Black Conservative are listed as external links to this Schwarzenegger/Tea Party thread. Clifton and I both wrote up posts today on the topic and are thus linked and listed here. Just how does one do that, you ask? It's simple, again. Here's what you do. On this Memeorandum thread you will see the little page icon next to The Note (the source of the article). That little page icon is actually the unique URL for that thread. THIS is what you want to link to, the URL that you want to put in the body of the relevant post on the subject. This little page icon is called the 'permalink' and is clickable with your mouse. In fact, if you click it you will get the unique URL in your address bar in your browser. I've circled the 'permalink' unique URL in this screenshot for you:

meme 3 <span class=

The circled page icon is the link that you need to use, as I said. You will often see the 'via Memeorandum' note at the bottom of my posts - that is where I have linked that 'permalink' for Memeorandum exposure. Make sure that you don't make the mistake of linking the start page, www.memeorandum.com as that will get you nowhere.

Those are the basics - the essentials of getting noticed and linked by Memeorandum's algorithm. Now hopefully, this doesn't change if my post goes viral and they decide to pull a quick one on us and change the rules. Another essential to Memeorandum listing is traffic to your site. Traffic as in individual readers or 'hits'. This is where it can get a bit dicey with Memeorandum. Typcially, I believe that one must achieve at least several consecutive days of 300+ unique visitors for the site to link you. You can achieve this as well by having a huge day and then linking to Memeoranum. An 'Instalanche' can achieve this, a few days with a lot of blogging can as well.

When I initially was made aware of Memeorandum and how powerful it is, I noticed that Clifton from ABC was all over the site. I contacted him and he pointed out a lot of what I have shown you here today. At the time, I mentioned something along the lines of 'Clifton, I am so jealous that you are on Memeo all of the time, how can I do it too?' He reiterated the traffic that I mentioned above 300 uniques at least, for several consecutive days (some account that it is a higher amount than that). At the time, I was getting about 200 per diem so it was a push to do it. Now mind you this was only 6 months or so ago as well. It took me 2-3 weeks of voracious linking as per the instructions I outlined above and then BAM!, one day, there I was. From there, I was able to maintain steady traffic in the 500 'uniques' range and stay on the site.

Hope that helps! Next up in the Left Coast Rebel Effective Blogging Series will be Google rankings, SEO optimization, Google Trends and trending topics, keywords and much more (depending on how this post is received and if the 2 hours of work is worth it). Feel free to ask any questions.



  1. Thanks LCR! I really appreciate the good blogging advice.
    Is Memeorandum a new site?

    I am definitely going to add Memeoradum to my reading list.

    Have a great day :)

  2. Good info. Thanks.

    I'm been linked many times on Memeorandum and had no idea of why or how. Now I know.

    However, I've never seen a big increase in traffic due to a Meme link. Now an Instapundit link is pure gold!!!The hits came so fast I thought my poor little Blogger site was going to explode.

  3. Great piece sir! This should bring you a lot of traffic and help many bloggers, excellent work.
    Have a great day.

  4. Thanks LCR. I think it's great that you plan on doing this series.

  5. Great post man. I really appreciated the read as I have been wondering the key to that place. I am one of those mindless idiots who has been linking to the main page for months wondering what the deal was. Feeling pretty stupid right about now over here.

  6. Quite formative and helpful. Thanks LCR.

  7. LCR: I fully intend to profit from this post all I can... Thanks for the legwork.

  8. Tim, this is way, way, way too confusing. I don't know if the article is poorly written, or the subject matter just to difficult to comprehend. But this is like Rocket Science, literally.

    If this is what it takes to get on Memeorandum, I just assume say screw it. By reading this, it seems like a week's worth of work. Some of us do have day jobs.

  9. BTW, I've been told by numerous sources that the way to get on Memeo is to have consistenly over 1,000 daily visitors a day.

  10. @ Teresa - Thanks!

    @ Adrienne - Congrats on the Instanlanche, I've had a couple too :).

    @ GM - Thanks, same to you.

    @ TCL - You are quite welcome, be sure to pass it around.

    @ RR - Thanks! Don't feel stupid, I did the same thing with no results too.

    @ Les - No problem, keep up the great work at your place too.

    @ L.A. - You are quite welcome.

    @ Eric D. - It's not as complicated as it sounds - I could help you if you want. I do have a day job (even though it seems I may not), it's easy once it's set in motion.Many Memeo linkers get less than 1000 hits.

  11. Thanks for confirming the methodology for me.. I knew enough to know the permalink was the key.

    My issue is just finding / making the time to use two-three articles per day from Memeo instead of flying off on my own tangents, which I sometimes like to do...

  12. It also helps if everyone likes you.

    Everyone hates me, so....


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