Jason Whitlock of Fox Sport's, 10 Greatest Quarterbacks of all Time: Why are Liberals Obsessed With Race?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Reader Shaun F. in New York just sent me an email. You see, he had just been reading the 10 Greatest QBs of All Time written by Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports. Shaun was perusing the article and enjoying a diversion from politics when he came across this line right before the 10 Greatest Quarterbacks of All Time list (on the Super Bowl):

In the biggest sporting event in the world, with a record number of people watching and on the game's most important play, a black defensive back outsmarted a beloved white quarterback.
Shaun just couldn't believe the proclivity of liberals to associate race in any context, any issue, any walk of life, any day, any industry, workplace, sport, nation, environment, anywhere-everywhere - the obsession knows no bounds. He writes to LCR:

It all sounded like sports until...
"In the biggest sporting event in the world, with a record number of people watching and on the game's most important play, a black defensive back outsmarted a beloved white quarterback."
I was like...what? Whitlock thinks that there are sports apologists carrying the water for Peyton because they are racists. Honestly???Whitlock is essentially downgrading Peyton Manning's position as a great quarterback because of this interception.

So, if this black defensive player was simply a very smart and talented individual, why downgrade Manning? By his own words he is essentially diminishing Peyton Manning because he was beaten by a black man (his analysis not mine).

This was his praise of the black defensive back:
"Tracy Porter outsmarted Peyton Manning and won the Super Bowl for New Orleans. End of story."
Here is his criticism of Peyton:
"I wanted Manning to win Super Bowl XLIV, play at a high level and justify all the hype. I was prepared to join the bandwagon hailing him as one of the five best QBs of all time and a real threat to finish as the greatest of all time.

It didn't happen. He blew the game with a horrible INT.That's the slippery slope you walk on when you play the race card.
After his points, I come up with a few political/philosophical points on this issue, the liberal/progressive tendency to obsess with race. I write:

Great notes here Shaun, liberals are as obsessed about race as we are about retaining our freedoms. In fact, this parallels what I wrote yesterday about the musician John Mayer. I think that essentially the race obsession is an extension of the inherent collectivism of the left, it is just an extension of that. So when you read a line like this about the race of a sports figure, it's not surprising. Everything to a leftist is viewed through the prism of the collective - there are no individuals in their worldview. That is why something like this that may not seem to make sense to someone like you - who values individuals by their individual characteristics and spirit - actually does make sense when viewed by a collectivist mentality.

UPDATE: Howard Tout at Anti-Republican Culture wrote a fabulous piece yesterday that touches on the 'race' issue. It's a must read. Great work, Howard!


  1. LCR:

    Your rhetorical question, "Why are liberals obsessed with race?" came up in reference to Tom Tancredo's speech last week at the National Tea Party Convention. (I've got a post on that over at Anti-Republican Culture.)

    I don't think this is a philosophical concern over perceptions of skin tone. It is much more political than that.

    The correct question is, "Why are liberals obsessed with labeling Republicans as racists?"

  2. Well, let's take the race card a dumber step further. Porter made the admittedly, brilliant, gutsy, game clinching move because he had been better prepared by a coaching staff led by a white man. Manning on the other hand, was following the ill-prepared and predictable game plan of a coaching staff headed up by a black man. It was not a horrible throw by Manning, it only did not work because Porter was expecting it and gambled accordingly. Sean Payton completely bewildered and totally outcoached his counterpart. If you want to make racial overtones on Caldwell's incompetence, knock yourselves out. I think Sean kicked Jimmy's butt all around the block and then some.


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