It's the Culture, Stupid: Seth McFarlane and the Family Guy, Sarah Palin and Trig


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by Howard Towt at Anti-Republican Culture

This morning, several Internet sites noted reaction to Governor Palin’s comments about an episode of The Family Guy, broadcast Sunday evening (2/14/2010). The episode featured a character with Down syndrome who discloses that her mother is the former Governor of Alaska.

The point to note is that it is Sarah Palin’s reaction that makes the news, not the show itself. The Denver Post headlined its piece: Palin lashes out at “Family Guy.”

The show mocks a Republican figure for entertainment value. It is an “automatic” part of the show, just as the negative characterizations of Republican figures in Julie and Julia were done in a matter-of-fact manner.

The episode points out how much our anti-Republican culture is taken for granted. We don’t notice it. It’s just “there.”

Maybe the day will come when David Letterman or Nora Ephron pause - just for a moment - before they insert anti-Republican characterizations into their productions.

Sarah Palin calls them on the ones that demean her family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our culture gave her some support?

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  1. LCR:

    Thanks for giving this issue some exposure, and for supporting the people (Sarah!) that speak up when this kind of put-down is passed off as "humor".

  2. Hollywood is anti-conservative and shock value sells, so this is no surprise. I think she should have just ignored it.

  3. I agree with Silverfiddle. It would have damaged the media wash more if she had ignored it. Even fumed them worse when they ask (as they do to try to inflame the situation), had she said "What's Family Guy?"


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