Is Rhonda Smith the UAW's Ellie Light?

by the Left Coast Rebel

I was reading Wednesday's issue of Investor's Business Daily and they had a front page caption of Rhonda Smith, aka the Rhonda Smith of the famous (now) congressional anti-Toyota crusade hearings. Her Lexus supposedly was stuck in 'accelerate' and she nearly died due to her runaway luxury car. The IBD photo had a caption stating, Shame on You, Toyota - Rhonda Smith, or something along those lines. Now get this. The Left Coast Rebel has honed political instincts. Honed to the breaking point, mind you, with the election of a socialist President of the United States, heralded and elected by the press. In all fairness to IBD, the op-ed page clearly and succinctly pointed to the Toyota hearings as a 'show trial'. I believe that it was a show trial and that the testimony of Rhonda Smith of Tennessee fits right into the show of yesterday. A show of a congressional trial to make the preeminent car manufacturer of the world - Toyota, look bad and to raise the status of Government Motors and the UAW.

With Rhonda Smith, I smell a rat. A UAW rat. Why do I say this, you say? Well for starters her story to Congress, the details of her 'stuck' accelerator simply doesn't add up. As BBCW points out (he has the transcript as well), Rhonda Smith mentions that she had the time, the moment, to dial her husband on the phone to 'wish him goodbye' or something yet she did not contemplate or have the time, to simply turn the key over in the ignition. She claims to have tried everything to stop the car, (braking, e-brake, gears, etc) but didn't think of either putting the car in 'neutral' or simply just turning the key in ignition. Fishy and stinky - I smell a UAW rat.

And frankly it is not that her story is not plausible or possible (I believe that she probably did experience the accelerator incident), it's just that the details above simply don't add up. Add to that the political tones - Shame on you Toyota! And the UAW-pushers in Congress (especially pig-man Waxman) gleefully looking on during her testimony and my honed political instincts detect a UAW sympathizing freak-show plant. A simple, bad incident made to make Toyota lose market share dominance and tarnish their image (because their product is better than GM, GM will never beat Toyota) and to prop up the UAW. Think about it, nothing short of having Union-thugs in the White House every night (uh, yah, we have that too) to scheme and steam over new power grabs could be quite as good a story as this. By the way, IBD mentioned that Ford had 4 million recalls last year. Toyota has had 600,000 this year. Give me a break - facts are facts.

Rhonda Smith - I'm smarter than these idiots in Congress and I do not trust you. Did you receive a large wire transfer to an account from an anonymous source? I bet you did. I will be looking into your past, I bet the IRS will not.

Is Rhonda Smith a UAW-Ellie Light?


  1. She inspired me to go out and buy an American made Toyota.

  2. Mrs Smith RESOLD her car afterward. That's more awful.

  3. Read the official transcripts from the hearing. They are different from what she said. The transcripts mention that they found double stacked all weather mats. This was not said during her statement. Also watch the interview in 2007>youtube type: Lexus suddenly accelerates on interstate.


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