Iran "Punch" Could be Perhaps Seizure of British Embassy in Tehran? (IRAN PUNCH)

by the Left Coast Rebel

The "punch" that the Ayatollah of Iran referred to recently could be (speculation at this point), an Iranian "punch"- seizure of the British Embassy in Tehran. I picked this little nugget of information from, an investor-related site. They were researching potential shocks to the markets this week and a "punch" from Iran certainly fit the bill. On the Iran "punch" story they use the source Debkafile out of Israel. Minyanville: that claims that Iranian Basijj militia chiefs are planning to seize the British embassy in Tehran. Oh, and by the way, the British sent the wives and children back home last June. If there was ever a "been there, done that" moment, this is it. Do the British have the guts to do anything?
So on this trail I head over to and find the site to be headlining this - Iranian Militia Attacks French, Italian, Possibly Dutch Embassies. Related to the "punch" that the Ayatollah referred to? It certainly is similar to the British embassy rumor:

In a well-coordinated offensive, pro-government Basijj militiamen in civilian dress hurled rocks and eggs at the Italian and French embassies in Tehran Tuesday, Feb. 9, shouting death to their respective leaders. Some reports say the Dutch embassy was also targeted. debkafile's Iranian sources report the attacks appear to have kicked off the campaign for "stunning" the West - as threatened by spiritual ruler Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, or "crushing" the West - in president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's words this week.

Bob at Camp of Saints has this on a Western response:

As to the other: from many intelligence sources we have been hearing that the ruling Muslim thugs have reached their boiling points with the protestors and also that they do not fear any significant retaliation from The West because the nations of the First World have shown repeatedly, as far as the mad mullahs are concerned, that they do not have the will to do what it takes to challenge Iran.


  1. It's Carter all over again. Weakness invites attack.

  2. @ Opus - To a 't', Opus. We are doomed to repeat history.

  3. Someone needs a few thermobarbics dropped on them sooooo bad.

  4. Opus#6 said it best

  5. But, wasn't Obama supposed to have them loving us by now???

  6. and don't the moslems already own Great Britain?

    What kinda "punch" would that be?

    Yeah, those moslems dropped the U.S. embassy like a hot potato when we voted Reagan in to replace Carter and his crooks. Probably gonna be a deja vu thing all over again. We just can't dump oblama fast enough!!


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