Hollywood Sign Covered by Environmental Activists

by the Left Coast Rebel

I'm reading here at GoldenYears of Hollywood (when was that, like 50 years ago? 60 years ago?) a story about the famous Hollywood sign that overlooks the town being covered today by environmentalists protesting plans to develop the surrounding land around the Hollywood sign. Oy vey.

The Hollywood sign will be covered up with tarps and corresponding letters will spell out "Save the Peak." Enviros have been eagerly raising funds to purchase the land that the Hollywood sign sits atop, fearing that it may be sold and developed.

What is completely unclear to me is if the environmental activists are protesting the actual eventual destruction of the Hollywood sign due to the land being sold and luxury homes being built or if they are simply protesting the fact that any construction may take place anywhere near the sign, anywhere, anytime, any place, anything. I guess and assume (through a lifetime of living here), the latter.

UPDATE: Only in California. The covering of the Hollywood sign has been delayed. The city hit the brakes on the project due to 'safety concerns' with the tarps that spelled out the 'save the peak' phrase. City engineers were deathly afraid that the tarps may not hold in place, should 150 mph winds come through.

I exaggerate, but only slightly. Just ask Stogie at Saberpoint, this stuff is commonplace here in California. Watch - someone will slip on a banana peel, spill hot coffee on someone and then win a $10 million judgement against the property owner via. the city of Los Angeles.


  1. Lately, I have missed my home state of CA more than ever. A quiet evening at home, reminiscing over old photos with a good glass of vino can make a guy a bit maudlin for the past. But there is nothing like a reality check from enviro crazies to put things into perspective: The folks in the pictures are either deceased or much older, and that ever so desirable glass of petite sirah has turned into Paul Newman's grape juice. In the meantime, farmers in the central valley face severe despotism, because enviro police are more concerned about the life of a fish, than human existence.

  2. Great piece, so they think they are going to save the peak? What signifigance is that? The enviromentalists are sickening and over step in every way it seems anymore. I think the enviromental activists are the socialist movement under a new title to be quite honest. Good work, have a great weekend sir.


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