Here's a Story for You: Defeated Congresswoman Melissa Hart, now a Lobbyist's Car Sitting in House Parking Lot for Over 3 Years

by the Left Coast Rebel

Can you believe this story? Via the picture of Hart's car above, I'm not sure if the writer got the color right. After 3 years in the House parking lot, it sure doesn't look white any more. Can you believe the arrogance? Via the Daily Caller:

It looks like Hart, a Republican who represented Pennsylvania’s 4th District, left her white, older model Volkswagen Jetta six parking spaces away from the parking garage’s entrance into the buildings that house congressional offices in Washington.

But Hart’s “dude where’s my car” dilemma may not be her only problem, if the car is in fact hers. According to the Committee on House Administration Web site, former members can only park in the garages if they are not registered lobbyists. Hart, who now chairs Pittsburgh-based law firm Keevican Weiss Bauerle & Hirsch’s Government Relations practice, is registered in the Senate lobbyist database.

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  1. If this is true, Hart should surely be ashamed of herself! And yet another reason I don't consider myself Democrat nor Republican. They're both corrupt to the core.


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