Hawaiian Tsunami Videos: Hawaiian Tsunami UPDATE

by the Left Coast Rebel

With over a thousand hits this morning by the simple queries Hawaii Tsunami, Hawaii Tsunami 2010, Hawaii Tsunami 2010 Video, Hawaii Tsunami Video, Hawaii Tsunami Videos, Hilo Bay, Live Hawaii Cams Tsunami News, Natural Disaster, Oahu, Tsunami 2010 Hawaii, Tsunami Hawaii 2010, I think I struck Google gold. I found few more videos of the 2010 Hawaii tsunami. First off I'll start with some legitimate videos.

An AP video of the 2010 Hawaii tsunami that shows the ocean receding:

This one's cool too,Hilo Bay (I visited a year and a half ago). Note the reef that is covered by water, this apparently was the fourth tsunami wave to hit Hawaii:

CBS News on the Big Island yesterday,(note the proximity of the Four Seasons to the water), I had the privilege of enjoying an evening at this dinner (thanks, Matt and J.)during my honeymoon in 2008:

Now beware, this video is floating around as the 'hawaii 2010 tsunami video' but in reality it is just what may have happened in Hawaii but didn't. It is actually footage from 2004 in Indonesia:

Via Google Trends

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