George W. Bush 'Miss Me Yet' Billboard May Have Not Appeared in Lafayette, Lousiana but a Better 'Miss Me Yet' Billboard has Emerged

by the Left Coast Rebel

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Wes Messamore, the brain/liberty activist/libertarian behind the Humble Libertarian should pop a cork today - Michelle Malkin loved his 'Miss Me Yet?' photoshop that really tells all that we are facing. It's not a matter of 'Miss Me Yet?' of George W. Bush governance, (as he heralded a lot of the big government nonsense that we are suffering from), it's a matter of 'Miss Me Yet?' essentials:


You know what? Wes is absolutely right with this 'Miss Me Yet?' billboard. Conservatives, Tea Partiers, everyone in America that is concerned to death with the trajectory of spending should not look to Bush as a role model or an example of what we need at this point in our history. He did do some good things for the country and respected the office but he was not a conservative. Many conservatives tout his record on defense, but spending? An abject disaster.

Michelle Malkin lays out a list of just why this is true. She calls it 'pre-socializing' the economy, pre-Obama, and she is right. This nation does not need a progressive, New England Republican with a cowboy hat - essentially what George W. Bush was.

I know that many in my audience won't like to hear this but it weighs heavy on my heart to see (much, if not any) nostalgia for the man. Almost two years ago I spoke on the Rush Limbaugh show on this precise topic. Rush had a guest but I took the stage and complained/explained that the policies of Bush paved the way for a potential massive lurch to the left and rampant statism in this country, (if Obama won the election). I could possibly upload it to LCR if any are interested.

We must know what is good for the nation and the philosophy that will lift us up for us to change the course from the Obama disaster. Bush doesn't represent that.



    I am really wearing THIN on patience with what appears to be MINDLESS zombies emerging again....incessantly looking for that 'poster' person who will lead us all to the promised land.

    Eh? Let me tell you, it isn't Bush, wasn't Bush...nor is it Obama, Palin, Brown, the Pope, or any other PERSON, wouldn't even be George Washington if he were alive.

    The answer? Principles! Basic principles so clearly laid out in our most excellent Constitution.

    The only thing I miss about George Bush is....well.....the only thing I miss about George Bush, does the fact he wasn't Obama count?

  2. Ha! You found it!!!! I just came across my friend's fb page and she has the pic. So I was gonna give it to ya. Well, I guess I still can. ;o)!/photo.php?pid=3655555&id=544732658

  3. Yes, I miss "W" because at least he has a moral compass that he followed, and furthermore, he didn't bend over to every foreign leader he met.

  4. A big "shout out!" to leftcoastrebel for posting a DEFEAT Harry Reid add. Although, Sue Lowdin is under some scrutiny for her early years of taxing Nevadans on everything from "new job creation ($100.00 fee for every new employee added) to fees (taxes) on bottled water. Most conservatives here support Danny Tarkanian for US Senate.

  5. The 'Miss Me Yet" billboard in Lafayette, LA is at the corner of Johnston and Amassador Caffery. Cindy Brown


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