Dr. John C. Drew Exposes Obama's Communist College Years

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bungalow Bill (once again busting my chops in the 'sphere) posted a story on Obama's radical years in college. As Bungalow Bill explains, the college phase of Obama's life has been kept a deep, dark secret - the press didn't touch it before the election. We know from Obama's book, "Dreams of my Father" that Obama sought out Marxist professors and such and felt quite at home with Marxists. Obama and his apologists say that this was just a short phase of his youth and proves nothing of his association with Communism/Marxism/Leninism.

Things may have changed on that front. Dr. John C. Drew, a college professor that knew Obama in college has come forward. Dr. John C. Drew admits that he himself was a Marxist-Leninist in college and that Obama was cut from the same cloth. Dr. Drew has since shed his radical Marxist views.The story takes place at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Dr. John C. Drew tells a story of an account from a girl that Obama was dating. Dr. John C. Drew was friends with the same girl and by this mutual association Drew met Obama. What he learned from the young man - the radicalism, the long view of overthrowing the government in the United States and the deep-seated belief in Marxism is shocking.

It may not be shocking, however, if viewed in the context of everything that Obama has achieved since his Presidency began and everything that he wishes to achieve. Despite the incessant pleas from Obama and company that he is not a Marxist, actions speak louder than words. I am afraid that the following interview with Dr. John C. Drew just confirms what many of us instinctively know. Obama was a revolutionary Marxist. The question really is this - will Americans even care? Another question may be - who's going to show up at Dr. John Drew's doorstep now, since he is brave enough to put this out there. Here's the interview on the B-Cast show:


  1. I wrote about this very same story over at Conservative Firestorm today. It's amazing really how a story like this is virtually unknown to the American public. Can 2012 get here any sooner?

  2. Just another reason the One is not qualified to be POTUS. He is a fraud who is out to destroy our nation.

  3. @ Hack - It isn't surprising, this stuff is supressed.

    @ Chris - He is, precisely. Insight like this proves why.

  4. We're proud of Dr. Drew.

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  5. Thanks for running this story. For what it is worth, my wife and I are alive and well. :)

  6. @ CB - I'm proud of him too, we need Americans to be brave at this point in our history.

    @ Dr. Drew - Thank you sir for stopping by. I am proud that you said what needed to be said.

  7. Federal staff, employees, soldiers, or anyone with the federal government has to, or is supposed to, take an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Why isn't the AG prosecuting those who've obviously failed? How far does this go before it causes severe problems?

  8. Some how I have always felted that Mr. Obama is so happy to have in Latin America an allied like Mr. Chavez. Venezuela is a country where the social conditions have been always good for a social revolt. It is clear on my mind and understanding that the more social poverty exist anywhere the better turf for egocentric minds to play the “SAVIOR” to humanity and gain power to play golf while the system is falling apart for their benefit.

  9. I am not a fan of Obama and I fervently hope he loses, but if Dr. Drew changed, why can't Obama?


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