CPAC: Andrew Breitbart Confronts Leftist Max Blumenthal (Awesome)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Apparently Max Blumenthal (the horrid leftist smear artist from Salon) was parading around the halls of CPAC, wandering with a camerca crew to find some sort of confrontation that he could write up that fits his typical meme - conservatives are hate mongers, racists, blah, blah, blah. Perhaps the confrontation that he found didn't quite match up to what he expected. I love Andrew Breitbart, as I opine in the next post, Breitbart is the kind of fighter that we need right now, we can't pussy-foot with these scum:

Big Journalism has the rest.


  1. I met him yesterday. It was very exciting. I kept texting my hubby telling him about who I was meeting. He told me that politicans are my rock stars.

  2. Breitbart is the bees knees.

    But I particularly love the background chatter: "That internet's a muther$%^#$*." Indeed. Let this pantywaist reap his own reward. This b.s. demonstrates exactly why I hijack Alinksy's 5th rule -- ridicule is man's most potent weapon -- and cram it up their wazoos.


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