Contract From America: Behind the Scenes Tea Party Patriots are Drafting a Contract From America, Will you Help Draft the Contract From America?

by the Left Coast Rebel

When I first heard the name Contract From America I was a bit confused. The Contract From America almost sounded like a secessionist movement or something. A reader hat-tipped me on the the name and idea - what it actually is, is an up and coming Tea Party platform/plank document drafted by Tea Party activists. Glenn Reynolds at PJTV talked to Ryan Hecker of the Contract From America and got the essentials in a video here. Here are some ideas, insight and principles that will come forward from the Contract From America:

  • The Contract From America is being drafted with a technique known in tech circles as 'crowd sourcing'
  • The Contract From America is a grassroots, bottom up document that will coalesce the movement's ideas into a simple 10-12 point platform that candidates can adhere to. Candidates may even 'sign' the document or pledge to support all of the tenets.
  • The Contract From America borrow from the Contract For America - the last movement of intellectual economic conservatism in the United States. The goal of the Contract From America is different though in that it takes it's ideas from the people.
  • Top ideas (as Hecker says, not platitudes) include spending caps for based on population size, freezing the debt, ethics and transparency ideas as well - Ryan Hecker mentions that any bill before Congress would require 7 days of public exposure. Searching for the Contract From America, I see issues listed out as, Repeal the 16th Amendment, Abolish the Department of Education, Drill Here, Drill Now and others. Wow!
  • You can go to to help form the Contract From America, to narrow down the top issues that will stay in the Contract From America's 10-12 issue plank. The site re-launches tomorrow, February 12.
  • The Contract From America will re-launch on February 20.
Are you going to help with this effort? Are you going to help bring this nation back to it's original foundation and economic constraints? I know I am. Visit Contract From America tomorrow and take part in history.


  1. crowd sourcing? Thats making sausage...Again.

  2. I think it's an interesting concept, and if nothing else might help to create a definition within which a third party could be born - or at least a person could self-identify with the Tea Party and have his viewpoints made more clear from the onset.

    Right now the blending of Libertarians, Christian Coalition types, moderate Conservatives, Constitutional Conservatives and Secessionist types is becoming muddy and the left is able to take advantage of that fact. They are picking up the less-than-five-percent that have Obama Nazi posters and using that at MSNBC and CNN, as well as Time mag, HuffPo, Kos and the like.

    I also heard an idea from a Glenn Beck listener the other day. His concept was to gather a coalition of about twenty citizens from various walks of life, without asking their politics, and have them draft a concept of a health care bill, and then offer it to Congress as a counter-proposal.

    If nothing else, the introduction of such concepts is great in my opinion, because it shows that Americans are beginning to wake up!!


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