Confirmed: Bush "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard in Lafayette, Louisianna, Billboard Owned by Bass Limited, Purchased by Anonymous Businessman

by the Left Coast Rebel

The industrious readership of the Left Coast Rebel! An anonymous tipster sent me a link to a story from 9:30 PM CST hailing out of Lafayette, LA and confirming the ''Miss My Yet?" Bush billboard in Lafayette.

Last month, a billboard featuring President George W. Bush surfaced in the small town of Wyoming, Minnesota. It didn't take long for the message to grab national attention.

On Monday, a similar, digital billboard made an appearance in Lafayette. It features a picture of Bush with the question, "Miss me yet?"

Bass Limited owns the billboard. The outdoor advertising company says the space was purchased by a local businessman who wants to remain anonymous. The buyer is unhappy with the economy and the Cap and Trade Bill.

So how long will the 43rd president be staying in Lafayette? Bass Limited says that's up to the businessman.

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