Communist Useful Idiot Actor Sean Penn Assault Paparazzo (VIDEO)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Nice, what is more ludicrous regarding Sean Penn - the fact that according to him, we should all of subserviant lives under a centrally planned nightmare (communism) because we Americans are oh-so-selfish and capitalistic. Is it the fact that he lives in wealth and opulence while condemning us for striving for our dreams? Or the fact that he is a so-called 'peace activist' but moonlights as a violent raging communist (at least to the paparazz0), as evidenced by this TMZ video?

Hat tip goes to American Power

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  1. Wasn't that a gas guzzlin' truck Penn got out of? Where is his Prius? Like most Hollywood effete elites, Penn is nothing but a loud mouthed, angry hypocrite. He lives lavishly, yet expects the rest of us to spend our time in long lines in hopes of the government throwing scraps to the "proletariat" to live on. I made a decision long ago to NEVER see a movie with this creep again.


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