Communist Useful Idiot Actor Sean Penn Charged With Battery, Vandalism in Los Angeles (Here's Hoping)

by the Left Coast Rebel

A few thoughts regarding this story. First -boo-hoo. Second - you shall reap what you sow. Third - does anyone in their right mind think that Sean Penn will got to jail for 18 months via a conviction in an L.A. court on any charge? You tell me:

LOS ANGELES -- Actor Sean Penn is being charged with battery and vandalism for a scuffle with the paparazzi in October, according to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office.

Penn is being charged with two misdemeanor counts, one for battery, and one for vandalism, according to spokesperson Frank Mateljan.

If convicted, Penn faces 18 months in jail, Mateljan told KTLA.

The scuffle broke out in Brentwood when a group of celebrity photographers were trying to take pictures of the actor director.

Witnesses say he became angry and kicked a paparazzo, allegedly breaking the photographer's camera. Jordan Dawes filed a police report against the actor on October 2 after allegedly being assaulted by Penn.

The incident was captured on video and was handed over to the city attorney's office.
Birds of a feather cannot hardly hold their glee and lust for eachother. Get a room, Hugo Chavez and Sean Penn - here's to (not) procreating more of those that think enslaving man is a noble ideal (at least for the 'elite'):


  1. Penn is a star and he will be coddled no matter what.

  2. Sean Pean is a socialist slush-head, lol- like anybody checks in with him for political guidance, he wishes. Maybe he can help Comrade Chavez's goons crack a few students heads when he's down there- he's good at violent tantrums

    This post -linked- at Reaganite Republican...

  3. Sean Penn is too smart to not know how the people under communism live. He should move to Cuba and live amongst its people. He won’t be able to have any other political but Castro’s. Communist leaders do not care for their people. They and their families live like kings and queens while the people starved, and if they speak up they get beat up and thrown in prison. Mr. Penn don’t you watch the news? In Cuba innocent’s women, Las Damas de Blanco, are spit and beat up every day by Castro’s secret police. Why don’t you speak up in their favor?


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