Charles Rangel: My Dog (Staffer) Ate My Homework (and I'm not Responsible)

by the Left Coast Rebel

Late last night Charles Rangel, chief tax guy in Congress (and tax cheat) held a press conference from the Capital. He stated that 'common sense dictates that (congressmen) should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing, or mistakes of staff unless there is reason to believe that the member knew or should have known'. Now get this. He then closes his 'dog ate my homework' statement by saying that, 'asking me questions will just embarrass me because I cannot give you answers'. Hah!

So I have a question for you - the astute reader of the Left Coast Rebel, (you are astute if you read LCR). It's a simple question for you and answers the 'dog ate my homework' defense of Rangel who was obviously a defense attorney (or some such thing) as I can spot the attorney-speak a mile away. The question is this - if you own and operate a small business or operate in the private sector with subordinates under you, are you not responsible for their behavior under your guidance? Does not the buck stop with you? I know for myself, if I have an employee that commits an egregious error or violation of any sort that I am 100% accountable for him/her and responsible. Why not the, Charlie Rangel, a man that controls much of the tax-writing power in this country? Is it because of this elitist attitude ingrained in the man, that he thinks he is above the law?:

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