CBS Slams Maxine Waters and for good reason

Posted by Conservative Generation

This one comes at you via Google Trends. LCR is a big proponent of checking out what people are searching for and I agree wholeheartedly. One of today’s hot searches is Maxine Waters. The first link that smacks you in the face is the headline “Is Maxine Waters Really As Dumb As She Seems?”

Included was a clip of Maxine Waters totally lost on what the discount rate means (Posted Below). The writer points out that obviously no intelligence is required to sit in the House Financial Service Committee. To which I respond, of course she doesn’t know anything about finance, she’s a communist.

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My guess is CBS is a little sore for Maxine and the Black Caucus for holding up Obama’s financial reforms.

Other news on Maxine Waters includes an announcement that Waters has signed onto UAFA, which is the latest immigrant amnesty bill ramming it’s way through congress next.


  1. Can you imagine what was going through Bernanke's mind as he was required to explain the most basic economic concepts to a member of congress who sits on the Financial Services Committee? Too bad most of her constituents will probably never see this.

  2. American Mom - So true. He handled himself quite gracefully I thought. Very unObama-like.

    It reminds me of a financial expert that said that the Democrat Finance Committee was like standing before children with uzis

  3. Waters is a communist, out and out. Recall the slip of tongue that she had a while back when she was grilling an energy exec. and she mentioned 'socializing' the industry?

  4. ...and like most communists alive today, she is a slobbering dumbass. Can you imagine having to have a complex conversation with her? You'd need flash cards or something.


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