'Camelot' No More, Scott Brown May be a 'Joke' But Patrick Kennedy is Not Seeking Reelection

by the Left Coast Rebel

I just caught this tonight before I closed shop for the day. Patrick Kennedy, son of the late 'liberal lion' Ted Kennedy has just announced that he will not seek reelection. Perhaps he sees the writing on the wall for the liberal/statist Democratic agenda, perhaps he just thinks that Massachusetts and Scott Brown are a joke.

Camelot is gone and done. And so closes a chapter in American history and we are better off for it. America is not cozy to monarchical familial legacies and this fact I am sure is just what he was privy to. Why face a tough reelection in Rhode Island's congressional district when the impossible has already happened in Massachusetts. I tip my hat to Patrick Kennedy for knowing better than to pick a losing battle. Perhaps you can advance 'social justice' without your hands on the social 'wealth of the public' spigot, Patrick Kennedy. Then again, charity isn't charity to a liberal Democrat unless it is enforced through the tax code and at the barrel of a gun:

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